Invitation to Reclaim the Fields gathering Turin, Italy

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Reclaim the Fields Gathering - 2012

Mezcal, Turin, Italy


You are invited to either or both of the following meetings:


Working Group "Reclaim the Seeds" Gathering

24th to 28th of February 2012


Reclaim the Fields Gathering

29th February to 4th March 2012



A short presentation of Turin's gathering


At the end of the last camp in Romania, in choosing between a couple of

proposals, the assembly decided to organize the next meeting in Italy.

Reclaim the Fields never reached this country, so it could be a good

opportunity to meet others sharing in the same interests of the

constellation; moreover in Rosia Montana lots of people expressed their

desire to link the activities of RtF with some of the struggles against

big projects such as airports, mines, pipelines... Nearby Turin, there

is a strong and well rooted struggle against the construction of the

high speed rail line across the Alps from Turin to Lyon (the NO TAV

movement of the Susa valley).


The place hosting the assembly will be Mezcal squat, a huge building,

once part of the former psychiatric hospital complex inside the Certosa

park of Collegno, in the suburbs of Turin (on the way to the Susa

valley). When it was occupied, in summer 2006, after different attempts

to occupy other houses, the place was abandoned. Lots of renovation

works turned the structure into a good place to live in. Currently,

there are about ten people living there: apart from living spaces and

the kitchen, in the house there's a workshop, a concert hall and in the

near future there will be a big indoor oven (already under construction)

and a gym; there is a garden in the backyard and the desire to build

another one in the public park. Every Wednesday evening the squat hosts

a dinner in which everyone brings something and all is shared, without

using money.


The assembly will be organized by people from Turin, as well as from the

mountains and countryside nearby (and maybe from other cities), with the

help of Nautilus, a 30 years-old collective gravitating around the

occupations and d.i.y. scene (mostly, but not only, no copyright books),

supporting and creating self-management outside and against the state

and the economy. During these 10 days we will try to create a cosy

situation for the comrades coming from far away, providing warm places

to sleep and food; at the same time we invite the participants to

contribute in any way they can. For a better organization it is

important to let us know how many people are coming, how long they will

stay (for example, arriving for Reclaim the Seeds assembly or the week

later), whether they have specific needs or desires.


Our idea is to contact the different situations and individuals we know,

inviting them to the Seed Swap organized every February by and at Mezcal

(this will take place on Sunday, 4th March, the last weekend) and to the

other events that will take place. It will be an opportunity to exchange

experiences and ideas, to cross paths with those who have chosen to

abandon the cities, trying to produce for 
self-sufficiency and the city

gardeners that in these last few years cultivated some community gardens

in Turin.


At the end, as mentioned above, we will “introduce” RtF to the Susa

valley; we will definitely organize an evening to meet the NO TAV

movement in the valley: the rest will be decided on the spot by the

assembly. Trying to describe this struggle, its history and the present

situation in this brief text is very complex, if not impossible, and

unfortunately there isn't much written material available in other

languages. What we can say is that this is a crucial moment: after 20

years of struggle which have prevented the start of the construction

works (to tell the truth, the preliminary works haven’t started yet),

the State, using riot police and army units, has conquered a piece of

valley where the first part of the main tunnel under the Alps (more than

50 km long) is supposed to start, so it's possible that during the

gathering of RtF, the situation will be hot.



To contact us, please write an e-mail to:


mezcal2012 at


or letters to:


Mezcal Squat: Corso Pastrengo – Parco della Certosa, 10093 Collegno

(Torino), Italy


NAUTILUS: CP 1311 – 10100 Torino, Italy (see

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