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Front page lead story across Gloucestershire!
And supported by the existing local campaign group.
Just like the old days
Well done all!
Open day on Saturday if anyone would like to visit - The Wilderness 
centre, Plump Hill, Mitcheldean, Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire. 
GL17 0HA. New tel: 07811 726372

Squatters move into Forest of Dean Wilderness Centre
Tuesday, January 10, 2012 - Gloucester Citizen
SQUATTERS have moved into the Wilderness Centre and plan to reopen it 
for the community.
A group calling themselves Protect the Wilderness took up residence 
at the Mitcheldean centre's Stone Barn and Eco House buildings over 
the weekend.
Services at the environmental education site, which was used by 
schools and private parties, ceased last August when Gloucestershire 
County Council stopped its funding because of the cuts.
Thom Forester, one of the people to have taken over the centre, said 
the group was planning to open it to the public again. But council 
chiefs are taking legal advice on how to deal with them.
"We're going to run it as volunteers because we've decided to take 
matters into our own hands," Mr Forester said.
"We're not squatters. We've moved into the buildings and I suppose a 
label will be attached to that but we just think it's a necessity to 
keep environmental centres like these open." He said the group was 
made up of about 10 people, with others coming and going, and planned 
to hold workshops and skills sessions to teach visitors about the environment.
"We are in discussions with the council," Mr Forester added.
"I'm not expecting us to be asked to leave, I hope we can be allowed 
to stay here and then hopefully get temporary permission to run the 
centre because it will take years to sell it and it will just lie 
empty otherwise.
"The worst case scenario, as I see it, is that we rekindle interest 
in the centre just by being here and people realise how important it is."
Mr Forester said the group did not force entry to the buildings but 
was allowed to simply walk in.
The group wants community members to visit them to talk about how 
they want the centre to be run.
But the council is set to put the centre up for sale on the open 
market later this year.
Support group Friends of the Wilderness Centre has been negotiating 
in a bid to take on the site itself, with talks ongoing.
A council spokesman said officers have spoken to the group, who have 
been peaceful and caused no damage, and are taking legal advice on 
the next steps.
Councillor Mark Hawthorne, leader of Gloucestershire County Council, 
said: "We have twice delayed the sale of this centre in order to help 
the local interest group Friends of the Wilderness Centre in their 
bid to take over this building.
"I doubt whether these people who have occupied some of the buildings 
on site are local or have the interests of the centre at heart.
"Unfortunately, this now means that council taxpayers will have to 
foot the bill for any additional security that is needed and for 
hefty legal costs if we have to go through the courts to get them to 
leave the site."
A Gloucestershire police spokesman said they were called at 1.50pm on 
Sunday by somebody reporting the squatters but that they would not 
take action unless criminal activity took place there.

another great Gloucestershire story today
Mayor facing court for refusing to do census

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