The Spanish 15-m movement looks to the land

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Tue Jan 17 11:29:51 GMT 2012

The Spanish m-15 movement is looking to the land.

I'm not sure if I've mentioned before the 'integral co-operatives' who 
produce food (and other things)

eg see my bookmarks about Cooperative Integral Catalunya - 1974 members 
registered on their web based social network

Also there is this.....

A bit of translation of their "about" page:

"As we aim to strengthen the bridges and coordination between rural 
areas and cities, to reach everyone, and be able to integrate all into a 
human people/village(pueblo), facilitating personal empowerment through 
training, information, reflection and awareness. Building bridges 
between rural and urban.

Supporting the move to rural areas.
Improving coordination between initiatives and people.
Enabling continuous learning.
Promoting sustainable livelihoods.
Supporting agroecological projects.
Based on self-management.
Making visible in rural towns.
Revaluing the rural world.
Integrating a gender perspective and making visible the important role 
of women in rural areas.
Weaving a network of initiatives and projects that are mutually supportive.
Promoting the reoccupation of abandoned villages.
Facilitating the integration of new residents in local communities.
Meeting the basic needs of the people against the excesses of capitalism.
Extending this movement over time in a sustainable manner.
Awakening our creative motivation.
Establishing international relations to exchange views.
Disseminating and reporting on these ideas and alternatives in the rural 
Supporting the struggle of the Via Campesina (

We are people.
Lovers of the mountains, the forests, meadows, trees, clean rivers, 
mountains, snow and wind.
We are lovers of nature, of the people of the villages, of the villages, 
of the pueblo.
Our age does not matter much, or where we came from, because we come 
from everywhere and we are everywhere and we are united by a desire not 
to lose contact with the rural, with villages.
We like to breathe clean air, drink clean water and eat healthy.
We understand that you may have been living in the countryside for a 
long time, while others have just begun, and we hope yet more of us have 
the opportunity to leave the city when we can. We all try to live a new 
world, with new economies, new ways of understanding the earth and the 
earth, the garden and animals.
Many of us we have seen, or have we met in the wake of the 15M movement, 
but we know this is like the mushroom in autumn leaves in the forest, it 
seems that only sees her, but for a long time that the mycelium breeds 
was preparing everything, inside the earth, slowly, quietly, without 
So are we: some have gray hair, others peacefully, but we have lots of 
energy and together have enough hands and intelligence to make a new 
world will see every day, from the roots.
And as we like to relate, as we know that we are not alone, we want to 
entangle, to create networks to inform us, supporting us, helping us to 
live in ways different from what the system wants us to believe that it 
is the only way. "Enredadxs"(=networked/tangled) to invent new ways of 
sharing what is everyone's and try out new economies, capable of not 
needing to be ashamed of the damage they do, and compels us to continue 
to grow inside, grow humanly, to continue to grow without destroying.

Rurales EnREDadxs wants to be a kind of virtual ecovillage, with room 
for all, where the countryside and the city begin to cease to be enemies 
To understand what can not live without each other.
We are already doing it.
And we continue.

Rural enREDadxs are people, cooperative initiatives, partnerships, 
networks, working groups and discussion ... willing to meet and share 
and build juntxs a living countryside, that is Environmentally and 
Socially Sustainable.

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