A Building Reg. Too Far - making low impact living illegal...!

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Tue Jan 17 17:28:11 GMT 2012


A Building Reg. Too Far - making low impact living illegal

I think this is relevant to all eco self builders and low impact dwellers...


Stop Building Regulations Making it Illegal to live in Low Impact Homes

Thought I would share this article from Simon Dale at: www.lammas.org.uk

He is being taken to court by the local council because his low impact home does not confirm to new building regulations (e.g. not having a toilet inside means their outside compost loo is illegal!). The upshot is that it's currently illegal in this country to build an off-grid low impact home of your own!


New building regs need to be produced that are aimed at self build low impact sustainable homes, rather than housing developers who should naturally be audited for their quality and sustainability.

If you know anyone that could help publicise this or you have networks that could help out, please forward it on.

Please pass it onto your networks, too :)


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