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Bilderberg 2012: the technocrats are rising at this year's annual conference
Our man at Bilderberg is back for a fourth year 
and has touched down in Chantilly for the 2012 
gathering. The shadowy elite leaders' conference 
starts tomorrow, so what's on the agenda?
Dutch Queen Beatrix arrives at the 2010 
Bilderberg conference in Sitges, Spain. Photograph: Nero Angelo
It's all change at Bilderberg this year, with a 
new chairman, new media and Occupy Bilderberg knocking at the gates.
Everything's set. The hotel is being primped and 
hoovered, the security is arriving, the press is 
nowhere to be seen, and I just had a really 
boring crab salad. It's shaping up to be a vintage Bilderberg.
We were lunching in the Palm Court restaurant of 
the Westfields Marriott hotel, in Chantilly, 
Virginia. A few days from now, this hotel will be 
dripping with billionaires and bankers, industry 
CEOs and finance ministers, here for the annual 
Bilderberg summit. "The leaders of the world are 
coming to our hotel", beams one member of staff. "Are you here for the brunch?"
We are. Most of the other guests have left by 
now. The hotel is edging towards lockdown. All 
that's left is a team of nervy conference 
organizer who start filming us with their 
iPhones, several dozen security operatives, me, 
my wife and a really rather boring 'spook', brunching on an adjacent table.
He droned on for the full length of a crab salad 
about his "internal and external drivers", about 
how "I got a panel of three-star admirals 
together" to secure a "$30m contract" and how 
"CACI excels in capture management".
He talked fondly of CACI International Inc (a 
giant defense contractor), although more recently 
he's had "a nice success rate with Booz Allen" 
(another giant defense contractor). His world was 
the deathly dull blur between the federal 
government and private defense corporations. The 
grim feeding trough of "systems solutions", 
"security logistics" and "mission assurance". My 
crab ended just as he was declaring, wisely: 
"When you leave the navy and you go to a 
contractor, you say: what's my mission?"
His mission for the next week or so is to keep 
the queen of the Netherlands, the chairman of 
Barclays, and the chairman, vice-chairman and CEO 
of Shell Oil safe and sound for a three-day 
conference. The hotel is encircled by the offices 
of the world's largest arms' manufacturers, 15 
minutes up the road from the headquarters of the CIA. I suspect they'll be OK.
Welcome to Chantilly: a little bit of paradise on 
earth. Photograph: Charlie Skelton for the Guardian
The Bilderberg conference was last here in 
Chantilly, at the exact same godforsaken spot, 
back in 2008 – which, like 2012, was a US 
election year, and the moment the current 
economic woes really started hitting the fan. You 
might remember, it was the year when 
then-senators Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton 
paid a flying visit to Bilderberg (aka 'an event 
in northern Virginia'), after shaking off the 
press pack during the Democratic presidential campaign. AP had the story:
"Reporters travelling with Obama sensed something 
might be happening between the pair might when 
they arrived at Dulles International Airport 
after an event in northern Virginia and Obama was not aboard the airplane."
You can watch the hilarious footage of Robert 
Gibbs, Obama's press secretary, trying (and 
failing) to placate a furious press corp, who 
found themselves tricked aboard a flight to 
Chicago. "Others had a desire to meet with him in 
a private way," he explains. This is an 
extraordinary admission from Gibbs – "others" 
clicked their fingers, and Obama came running, with Hillary in tow.
Bill Clinton was introduced to the political big 
league at Bilderberg 1991. The man who introduced 
him was Vernon Jackson, a lawyer, civil rights 
activist and currently board member of Lazard 
investment bank. Speaking last year about the occasion, Jackson recalls:
"In 1991, I took Bill Clinton to the Bilderberg 
meetings in Baden Baden, Germany. Bilderberg 
meetings have been going on since 1954, sort of 
the North-American / European Alliance."
Later, after Clinton won the election:
"The steering committee of Bilderberg came to 
Washington in January, and I called the president 
up and I said 'Mr President, they're here' – and 
he came to the Four Seasons hotel, and the 
Europeans felt like they owned him because they 
met him when he was totally unknown."
That's interesting: a meeting of the Bilderberg 
steering committee at the Four Seasons in 
Washington? In January? But according to 
Bilderberg's official website, "Bilderberg's only 
activity is its annual conference".
As for this year's election, rumours are already 
circulating about Bilderberg and presidential 
running mates, sparked off by a Washington Post 
report back in April on the matter of Republican 
senator Marco Rubio's speech at the Summit of the Americas:
"[John] Edwards gave a speech in June 2004 at the 
Bilderberg conference that was widely credited as 
one reason John Kerry chose him."
Aside from the US presidency, the big debate of 
Bilderberg 2012 is likely to be: what in Hades do 
we do about Greece? The Eurozone is Bilderberg's 
biggest project, but it's been looking distinctly 
shaky of late. What's to be done? You can feel 
the unwillingness of Bilderberg to countenance a 
'Grexit' in the stern words of Bilderberg 
spokesperson, the UK member of parliament for 
Rushcliffe, Kenneth Clarke. To leave the Euro, 
says Clarke, would be "disastrous" for the 
Greeks. "If they get a hopeless lot of rather 
cranky extremists elected at the next election 
then they will default on their debt." Clarke 
took the time to brand eurosceptic British MPs 
"right-wing nationalists", and euroscepticism itself "irresponsible".
Clarke's most telling remark is that: "It's going 
to take a crisis, an absolute crisis, to make 
Europe's leaders act." This week's Economist 
magazine agrees: "For the past six decades, steps 
forward to greater European union have taken 
place at moments of incipient crisis."
"A consensus is slowly emerging that, whether a 
Greek exit is to be averted or weathered, there 
will have to be a greater level of integration in 
the euro zone, with tighter constraints on the 
freedom of national governments."
This message, that out of the struggle will come 
a new strength, seems to be the Bilderbergian 
line. For example, EU Commissioner Joaquin 
Almunia (whom we spotted at Bilderberg 2010) says 
we need now to "reinforce the European 
Parliament's role" which "will also strengthen 
the role of the [EU] Commission". So his solution 
to the crisis: "I need a bigger office."
The Economist says that if the "elite venture" of 
Europe is to survive and thrive, "Europe's 
elites" have got their work cut out. It ventures 
to give the elites some "unashamedly 
technocratic" advice on how to forge their closer 
union, but it needn't worry, the technocrats of 
Bilderberg seems to have the matter in hand. 
Mario Monti (unelected Italian PM, Bilderberg 
steering committee) said this week: "Europe can have euro bonds soon."
But we're not in Europe now, we're in Chantilly, 
and the CIA is just up the road from the 
conference venue, so protestors had better stay 
on their best behaviour. And we're expecting 
plenty of them – gathering under the activist umbrella: "Occupy Bilderberg"
What a difference a year makes. Occupy 
Bilderberg? I love it. The Occupy movement seems 
finally to have realised that the problem isn't 
the 1%, it's the 0.001%. It's the guys and gals 
and whatever David Rockefeller is who are meeting 
in Chantilly, Virginia, at the end of the week. 
Many hundreds of protestors have pledged to show 
up. And who knows, they may just manage to drag 
the mainstream news media with them.
Historically, one of the biggest problems people 
have had with Occupy is that its aims and demands 
have been a little, shall we say, "diffuse". Not 
the case with Occupy Bilderberg. That's the nail 
getting hit squarely on the head. Occupy 
Bilderberg is keyhole activism. Picking the exact 
right spot and sticking the scissors in.
"We refuse to pay for the banks' crisis" was the 
cry from OccupyLSX back in the autumn. They 
demanded an end to "our democracy representing 
corporations instead of the people." What 
Bilderberg represents is the fact that our 
democracy IS our corporations. And politics is 
just the wake behind a shark fin.
Time to go fishing.

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