Walking to Windsor to start eco-village this Saturday

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Dave, I have been assured by the organisers that they will not now be doing the occupation at the original site they informed you about in a private email.

The new site is not SSSI. Not saying anymore about the site on email on a public list in advance of the action. You will be happy to see that they have taken on board your constrcutive criticisms - though this was not the main reason for their change of location.

Good luck to the organisers. I feel they need our support.

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> I do not think this land occupation should be supported without better information from the organisers. Their proposed occupation site abutts an SSSI of particular importance for a range of threatened species and a relict wood pasture ecosystem.
> I have had no assurances from the organisers that they have investigated whether any existing value resides in the land they seek to occupy and cultivate, or what plans exist for the land at the level of the crown estate (the supposed landowners), any tenant of the land, the local authority, Natural England, or the local community.
> I am not yet convinced that this direct action is in the interests of the environment, or is sufficiently thought out or prepared for. 
> We expect developers to produce considered environmental impact assessments. 
> It is only fair that we land activists should do so too, for any land for which we propose a change of use...
> Dave Bangs
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>           Hello please circulate this to friends and interested parties...
>           Eco-village occupation in Windsor this June.
>           This Saturday 09th June, we will be walking from Syon Lane Community Allotment
>           in West London to Windsor.  We will be camping for one night on the route. Our
>           aim is to start a community on a piece of disused land on the Crown Estate.
>           We plan to grow our own food, make shelters and live sustainably: to show an
>           alternative to our system of crisis. We call for the right for everyone to be
>           able to use the disused land to live on, free the yoke of debt and rent.
>           If you share our vision, and you are willing to work to achieve it, we welcome
>           you to join us.
>           Meetup details:
>           Meet at Syon Lane Community Allotment on Sat 09th June from 11 a.m. We will be
>           departing at 1 p.m sharp.  Bring camping equipment, warm  clothing, mug, bowl,
>           spoon and a torch. Also please bring seeds and any useful equipment if you can.
>           Should you wish to meet us in Windsor, or at some other point along the
>           journey, please call the numbers below to find out where we are or visit the
>           website.
>           If  you would like to know more about this  project, please visit:
>           www.diggers2012.wordpress.com or email      diggers2012 at ...
>           Alternatively you can call or text the following numbers: 07963 475 195 / 07905
>           283 114 to find out more.
>           Syon Lane Community Allotment Directions and map.
>           Street Address: The lane adjacent to Platform 1, Syon Lane Station, Rothbury
>           Gardens, Isleworth, Middlesex, TW7 5JG
>           Getting to the site: We are situated on the long strip of land adjacent to
>           Platform 1 of Syon Lane Station, on the line coming from Waterloo via Kew
>           Bridge and Hounslow.  For train times, check: www.nationalrail.co.uk
>           Nearest Tube: Osterley â€" Turn left out of the station, follow the Great West
>           Road until you reach Syon Lane, then turn right. Then turn right down a
>           footpath before you cross the railway bridge, it will lead you through to
>           Rothbury Gardens, and you will see our site entrance opposite.
>           Nearest bus stop: London Road â€" Busch Corner (237/267/235) â€" Come up either
>           Spur Road or Syon Lane until you reach the railway bridge. Then go onto
>           Platform 1 and follow the footpath between two metal fences, you will see our
>           entrance on your left.
>           Map link: http://g.co/maps/ga6mn
>           http://diggers2012.wordpress.com/
>           https://www.facebook.com/events/388997621152693/
>           http://london.indymedia.org/events/12282
>           https://twitter.com/#!/freetheland
>           There are fliers available here: http://diggers2012.wordpress.com/fliers/
>           Check out our 'Declaration from the dispossessed' here:
>           http://diggers2012.wordpress.com/2012/05/21/a-declaration-from-the-dispossessed/

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