Diggers2012 Eco-village walk arrives in Windsor

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Sun Jun 10 18:52:37 BST 2012

Videos and report of eco-village walk arriving in Windsor.

pre-injunction served on windsor eco-occupation 

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VID 1 a short clip as the group approaches windsor today


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VID 2 confirmation that the group may be committing a civil offence but certainly not a criminal one


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VID 3 more papers are served by an enforcement officer at lunchtime today (sunday)


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VID 4 for some of the group this is their first view of their proposed new home. a beautiful riverside plot, left unused for years.


videos and pics by diggers - free for non-commercial credited use - other rights reserved - contact diggers2012 (see website below)


a group calling themselves 'diggers2012' and loosely affiliated with the occupy movement, are on route to a piece of disused land on the windsor great park estate. yesterday, as they set off from syon lane community allotment, police served a pre-emptive injunction on them forbidding them from entering or camping on crown estate land.

sunday 19.00 setting up camp 



update sunday 19.00

having been told by locals that the target area has been left unused for many years, the group were rather surprised when the crown estate legal team produced a "farmer" who said it was a hay meadow which was soon to be cropped for sileage. there will be a lot of nettles in that sileage for sure!

however, there is a plan B, and probably C, so as a first stop, the group have continued their journey and moved out of thames valley police area into surrey's jurisdiction, and are intending to temporarily camp overnight at runnymede. the surrey police have been more confrontational and less open to legal argument, but the camp is hoping it has persuaded them of its intention to only remain one night at runnymede before moving on to another location. there are however as many police in attendance as campers.

the camp has restated its committment to its declaration to continue to repossess and cultivate disused land.


update sunday 15.30

the diggers have now arrived at the beautiful riverside plot at windsor. new video added.


update - sunday 14.00

the group has now reached datchett and are not far from the site. they have been served further papers apparently stopping persons unknown from going into windsor great park! does this mean the park is closed to the public today? two more videos added


sunday 11.30

the diggers2012 have identified a forgotten area of the windsor great park with abandoned farm buildings.

to show an alternative to our "system of crisis", the group plan to grow food, live sustainably and restore and build structures in a responsible way.

they are calling for the right for everyone to make use of otherwise disused land to live on in a sustainable way, free of debt and rent.

they had planned and publicised the journey, starting from the long-established syon lane community allotment yesterday, camping overnight, and aiming to take over the disused land this afternoon.

at the start of their adventure yetsreday, thames valley police arrived with two high court injunctions relating to the whole of the great windsor park and also identifying other smaller areas of crown estate in the vicinity.

the police admitted they cannot lawfully prevent the potential trespass from going ahead without a warrant from the high court for the breach of the court order, but they are escorting the group, who at midday today are just a few miles from their target.

the main group from syon numbered 20, but a few more have just joined and others are expected to meet up later.

if you are interested in the project and wish to become involved, look at their website and get in touch. all committed people are welcome. see on the website what you will need to bring etc.


 Contact email: rikkiindymedia at gmail.com

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