[Dem-Village] Simon's Arrest

Alison Banville alisonbanville at yahoo.co.uk
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The update says Simon will appear at Guildford Magistrates Court tomorrow so I'll try and get there as I'll be in Woking from tonight which is only a couple of miles away. It doesn't say what time his appearance is though so if anyone knows I'd be grateful. Also, what police station he's being held at? 
I also agree with the peeps from Leyton Marshes that support for Simon should be organized.

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>> hi all,>>

simon moore got arrested today for breaching his olympic asbo while trying>> to set up an eco village on crown estate property in windsor.>> 

details are a bit vague but there is some info on london indymedia here>> 



key point is>> 

"Then at 2pm we received a call that Simon had been arrested under the>> terms of a previous Olympic ASBO which means he can be arrested and>> imprisoned for up to 5 years for entering ANY land in Britain without the>> permission of the owner. All for the dangerous activity of trying to stop>> a marshland being destroyed to make way for a Basketball court in Leyton.">> u
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