Duchy of Lancaster registers mineral rights

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Duchy of Lancaster registers historic land rights
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CEO and Clerk of the Duchy Council, Paul Clarke

The Duchy of Lancaster is in the process of registering its historic 
manorial mineral ownership following a change to the law governing 
land registration.
The Land Registration Act of 2002 set a deadline of October 2013 for 
the owners of centuries-old rights to minerals beneath the ground to 
register them officially.
The change in legislation has prompted The Duchy of Lancaster, a 
portfolio of land, property and assets held by Her Majesty the Queen 
in Right of Her Duchy of Lancaster, to register these historic rights 
to underground minerals with the Land Registry.
The Duchy is currently working on registering the manorial minerals 
in the Knaresborough and Harrogate areas. CEO and Clerk of the Duchy 
Council, Paul Clarke, today reassured owners with properties on the 
affected land, explaining that registration was a formality.
Paul Clarke said: The Duchy of Lancaster is having to register its 
manorial mineral rights with the Land Registry in order to preserve 
them for the future because of the change in legislation. The Duchy 
has owned these rights for many centuries and this registration 
doesn't mean that we have any immediate intention to work the minerals.
We understand that some homeowners may be concerned at having our 
mineral ownership shown on their title however, the possible sale and 
transfer of the Duchy mineral rights to them would not be ruled out 
in certain circumstances.
Home owners whose property is already registered at the Land Registry 
will receive postal notification of the registration from the Land 
Registry. Mr Clarke went on to say that anyone who believes they may 
be affected and is worried should contact the Duchy at 
minerals.registration at duchyoflancaster.co.uk. 
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