GB way behind Slovenia in Democracy

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Mon Oct 1 13:42:34 BST 2012

*GB lags way behind Slovenia in Democracy*

In addition to regulation of political parties and parliament Slovenia's 
Constitution of state contains several forms of direct democracy. These 
enable the electorate to make proposals and to decide on some public 
issues and laws in addition to electing MPs. Government law can also be 
vetoed by citizens' referendum.

For instance, there is a citizens' right to call a referendum on any 
issue which is the subject of regulation by law. For this 40,000 
endorsements must be collected in support of a proposal. This is just 
under 2.5 percent of the electorate.

In Britain (UK) an equivalent number is around 1.2 million electors 

We need a new *Democracy Act* of Parliament in order to introduced this 
more advanced democracy in the UK and countries. Lobby your MP for this!

I&R ~ GB Citizens' Initiative and Referendum
Campaign for direct democracy in Britain
<> Basic presentation The case for more democracy
<>  election campaign call /also for 
upcoming by-elections

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