sheep farmer exposes NFU pressure tactics

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September 30, 2012 in News
There is an article here which tells you a little bit about the meeting, where councillors voted 30-1 to not allow badger culling on council owned land.
What the article doesn’t tell you is that a sheep farmer very bravely stood up and told everyone that he was being pressured by Defra AND the NFU to pay money, even though he had NEVER had a TB outbreak, He doesn’t want to pay and cannot see any reason why he should pay.
He did however refuse to say if in fact he had or hadn’t paid and that may well be because of the NFU’s decision to publicly “out” farmers who say they won’t pay, earlier this week another farmer was brave enough to say on national news that she no longer wanted to be part of the cull, she was then humiliated by the NFU when they said:
“Mr Kendall said this had subsequently proved to be ‘simply not true’.”
What message does this send farmers? trapped between their own organisation the NFU prepared to hang them out to dry if they don’t tow the line and the general public who are every day receiving more and more information on all the supposedly “secret” elements of the cull.
We know where it will take place, we know who the organisers are, we have more and more intel each day about which farms are and which farms are not involved in the cull, as soon as the shooting starts every farm that is involved will be revealed.
Why would a sheep farmer want animal rights and badger cull activists traipsing over his land all the time for the next four years? in fact why would any farmer want to pay for a cull that will not only fail but will also bring a lot of unwanted attention?
Photographs and video footage of veal crates, pheasant pens, lame sheep, under fed cows, cramped pig pens, rabbit farms with awfully small cages, poor bio-security are flooding into our email accounts from our on the ground researchers. All of this information will go up on an interactive online map. The naming and shaming of farmers who indulge in shabby practices within the cull zone is going to be extensive. When we said farmers would be under a microscope, we were not joking… 
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