Land Trust & Housing Seminar, London, next week

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Interesting event in Westminster next week about 
common ownership/ land trusts etc. I think you 
have to register to go (link at the bottom of the 
email). It would be a good place to link up with people.

The Why, What and How of Trusteeship: 2-4pm 
October 22nd, Grimond Room, Portcullis House, hosted by Michael Meacher MP

The Great Lakes Bioregional Trust: James B. Quilligan
Community Land Trusts for access to housing and farms : Martin Large
A new series of Quilligan seminars titled: 
‘Exploring pragmatic ways the Commons can be 
restored - Politically, Economically, Culturally' starts on the 22nd October.

After 12 successful seminars in May 2012 when we 
explored alternatives to market choice and 
government regulation, James Quilligan is back 
with us in London to continue the exploration of 
the Commons framework and to help move our action learning to the next level.
Michael Meacher described his own experience as a 
participant In May with these words: "I thought 
that was really very inspirational. I have been 
in politics for a very long time. I don't think I 
have been challenged by such radicalism as long 
as I can remember, a radicalism that is not just 
a fantasy but a radicalism tied down with quite 
specific concepts that are going to be difficult 
to actually bring about but which are, in the 
long term, inevitable because I don't think the 
world can go on in the way it does... I have 
learned a huge amount. It is one of those 
occasions where I feel we are just starting."

On the 22nd May we will show the why, what and 
how of securing common pool resources such as 
capital and land into trusteeship bodies, 
community land, property and capital trusts-for 
enduring community benefit and enterprise. How 
land trusts provide deeply practical solutions 
for resource management. Why they are beginning 
to evolve into bioregional trusts, encompassing 
large, transboundary ecosystems.

Examples will be given of the mutualisation and 
neutralisation of land and capital into commons 
bodies for community benefit and individual 
enterprise at the international, national and 
local levels. We will explore what communities, 
government and social business can do to reclaim 
and steward the commons of land and capital.

James Quilligan has served as policy advisor and 
writer for many international politicians and 
leaders, including Pierre Trudeau, François 
Mitterand, Julius Nyerere, Olof Palme, Willy 
Brandt, Jimmy Carter and His Royal Highness 
Prince El Hassan. Quilligan is a co-founder of 
Global Commons Trust and has also launched a 
lobbying effort, Commons Action for the United 
Nations (CAUN), which has been successful in 
introducing the concepts of the commons into UN 
discussions and documents. He is helping to 
launch a trust for the Great Lakes ecosystem in Canada and the United States.

Martin Large advised the community buy out of 
Fordhall Farm, chaired the  Community Land Trust 
National Demonstration Project 2007-9, founded 
Gloucestershire Land for People CLT, chairs 
Stroud Common Wealth , is a visiting lecturer at 
the University of Kent and directs the Biodynamic 
Land Trust Ltd, a charitable community benefit 
society. His book,  Common Wealth (2010) has 
relevant chapters on Transforming Capitalism, and Land for People

For any questions please ring Anna on 07731 584358.
To register: 

The earth shall become a common treasury 
for  us  all, as it was first made and given to 
the sons and daughters of men and 
women.        Gerard Winstanley, St Georges Hill, 1649

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