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How to Start a Community Currency
by Mira Luna, originally published by Shareable  | TODAY

"Banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than 
standing armies...The issuing power should be taken from the banks 
and restored to the people, to whom it properly belongs." - Thomas Jefferson

"Let me issue and control a nation's money and I care not who writes 
the laws." - Banker Mayer Amschel Rothschild

The centralized creation of money and credit has a profoundly 
negative effect on local economies, sovereignty, and cohesiveness. 
Bankers value profit at all costs, while locally-controlled 
institutions tend to hold other values - like community, justice and 
sustainability - more highly.

Communities can regain control of the flow of money and credit by 
issuing their own currency as a complement to conventional money, as 
electronic barter networks, debit cards, mobile phone payments, 
Timebanks, LETS, or old-fashioned cash.

By altering the flow of resources, community currencies take power 
away from multinationals and put it in the hands of more accountable 
local entities. While community currencies can't be too similar to or 
compete with national money, most countries allow it and some, like 
Venezuela and the E.U., support their development. Mediating 
underemployment and poverty are often prime motivators, or specific 
purposes like small-business incubation, caregiving for seniors, 
community gardens, or providing healthcare for the uninsured, 
according to CNN. is live!
by Staff, originally published by  | TODAY

We're excited to announce that our new site is live 
and ready for you to explore. will soon be the new 
home of Energy Bulletin, as we broaden our scope to provide tools to 
effect change. brings together the Energy Bulletin team and authors, 
along with the treasure trove that is the complete archive of EB 
articles. It also adds a growing database of groups working on 
building resilience, as well as a community library of resources to 
enable the sharing of best practice among those groups.

Be assured that all the articles that normally appear on Energy 
Bulletin will continue to appear on The reading 
experience for long-time followers of EB will not be that different. 
Disqus comments will follow shortly.

We hope you'll like the look of the new site and find it easy to use, 
whether you just want to keep following our daily selection of 
articles and news, or if you're ready to dig in to the resilience 
building section and share your groups and resources. Thanks to all 
of you who provided feedback on our ideas and plans. We  appreciate 
your support.

Come and take a look!

The EB team

Migration Plan
The switch to the new site will be a phased one. For the time being is still in its Beta testing phase. Energy Bulletin 
will continue to look the same and all new articles will appear at both sites.

The first thing to change at Energy Bulletin will be the Disqus 
comments, which will be closed down and moved over to

In a few weeks time we will stop adding the new articles to Energy 
Bulletin and it will switch to being an archive site.

When we are ready, Energy Bulletin will be retired, but only once we 
have all of the legacy EB urls set to forward directly to the 
equivalent article at

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