UK Criminalises squatting residential properties for first time in history

Zardoz tony at
Mon Sep 3 11:55:34 BST 2012

: This is an edited version of a two hour phone in with all the squatting parts kept ijn and the sport and othetr stories removed Credits: Some notable indications of BBC and presenter Stephen Nolan's anti-squatting bias here including allowing a letting agent to tell a female nurse to 'get off your fat arse' without comment or criticism and cutting a squatter off as he is asking the presenter ' don't you care that people will die?'. To begin with the BBC gets the story wrong by implying all squatting is being criminalised and that squatters were previously impossibleto prosecute. As the show goes on it becomesclear the legal changes actually mean that the police will be taking over these responsibilities from private landlords and that this will only apply to those in residential properties.

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