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**Build our own system (let us build our own system)*

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Using a firearm against another human being is always a symbol of failure,
stupidity and barbarism. But we can not remain with folded arms watching as
the inhuman that top government institutions, led by the owners of money,
prostituting our nations.

All political parties, ruling and opposition, have endorsed this crime to
occur to take their respective places in this farce, are directly
responsible for making valid decisions of the State, without them
Dictatorships Dictatorships only be, but thank you There are all these
puppets, dictatorships masquerading as democracy.

After the failure of revolutionary struggles in the world where thousands
of brave men gave their lives, the result is that we consolidated the
dictatorships of Money, "Denariocracia" and pretend that the people are
that keep your profit level, (it seems redundant, but a principle of profit
in this global economic model is never lost) The panacea of ​​Democracy has
disrupted thousands of revolutionary movements that believe that through
elections, could be a way for change. But to join the revolutionaries to
the system was the system that change, not them to the system.

The revolutionary unions became corrupt to its roots, social organizations
became political trampolines, and the leaders of the revolutionary
underground groups, MPs and senators are now the same government which
vowed to oust or leave life in the attempt.

The error has been mainly that these organizations have struggled within
and against the system, and it is quite unlikely to be destroyed from
within because it implies self-annihilation. In the case that it is
transformed, the same material would be implicit in the system which
acquire a different shape, but with the same elements. That is, when we
have to go to a fellow revolutionary government positions has been the
system that governs them and not the system, because the system contained
exactly the same stuff as before.

The only alternative we have those who do not agree with the system, not
change it. You create a new system, our own system within the same space in
which the corrupt system exists. The problem then becomes an issue of
territoriality, so it is necessary to take action to wipe out the existing

To this certainly requires a real revolution, but it can be a new and
stupid armed revolution against our own brothers, it is attacking the
economic part is the governing each and every one of the decisions and
actions of the current system power, is about letting the fear is their
weapon of control and create our own system released.

But every revolution is determined by the same factors: The first and most
important is the conviction of those who fight, moral determination must be
complete, must fully share the same principles and all must pursue the same

It must take into account the social, economic, political, ecological and
effectively measure time, to choose the battles to be fought. And the level
of organization among participants will mean the level of achievement.

We must understand that this is not primarily a conflict, the conflict and
its prolongation wearing annihilates assume this is a new way of life, a
new way of relating to others, a new way of eating, a new way of talking
and consciously choosing the topics we speak, every word written or spoken
must do revolution.

Now this is not to resist, tolerate or accept. No system is transformed
resisting, that is only part of the system itself. Our task is not to
destroy, anger always detract our intelligence, the subjects and slaves of
the oligarchy are our brothers, it is useless to attack them, distort them
and / or attack them. We need to liberate themselves from the yoke and
found mental, and it's always easier to corrupt a system from within, the
more you know the system in detail, it will be more accurate and prompt his

What to get away from the corrupt system is our sensitivity, intelligence
and humanism. The first step is to ensure not being defeated, which is our
great advantage, we can not be defeated: the truth, intelligence, wisdom,
faith, hope, love, freedom or JUSTICE, are intangible, you can buy a kilo
of conviction and it is impossible to put a bullet right.

In this revolution, weapons, always provide the adversary, we must design a
strategy to attack using their weaknesses and take the offensive. The
adversary never give up, you have to pop it. If we design the right
strategy to disappear him, the key will not make mistakes.

We continue to promote demonstrations that directly confront the system,
but only with this system will not fall, indirect strategies should be
designed, to distract, undermine, divide and weaken the enemy, these
strategies are endless and combined with the direct actions achieve
our objective
(to the apparent disorder is perfect example of a discipline), all our
tactics are common knowledge, but the strategy must be external to the

Designing the strategy and tactics of our revolution means in the first
instance be aware and willing to not respond under any circumstances with
physical violence to any act of the opponent, we must put the safety of
each participant, designing all the necessary strategies ( outside the
opponent) that guarantee a massive response and only in the case of
physically damaged only one of our colleagues (remember that we are all one
and if they touch one touch us all).

Our struggle is not a struggle asylee, the adversary has globalized to
improve its profit and its forms of control, it is imperative for
solidarity and coordination for unique responses worldwide to injustice. With
the # GlobalNoise, we have finally taken the initiative, the more personal
the pressure of taxation actors this will be more effective, let them not
one iota of street and no single byte in the network to spread their lies,
now is our time. Let's enforce the generation of change.

Most important in this revolution is not feeding the enemy, carefully
analyze your consumption, and avoid shopping at all costs or to give money
to the enemy, do not pay taxes, do not consume their media, take your
money banks.
Some partners opt for products, companies or institutions that have nothing
to do with the local oligarchy, remember that they are associated and if
they are not are responsible other repressive systems in the world. We need
to create more groups of exchange and consumption.

Do not give in to the stigma, when they make fun of your struggle, I say
foolish, idealistic, they're just showing their need for freedom. Keep
fighting the congruence is the only element that educates itself.

Do not wait until you convene, organize yourself and your operating rely
only on those whom you know well, we need not be thousands to jeopardize
the system, each separate activity adds to the other, the important thing
is that we all do something.

Having full confidence that we will win, intelligence has always gathered
in humanism and justice. Being rebellious disobedience, not follow their
rules, do not use their means. No feed is a must.

Have confidence, you do not win your manufacturing faults, recalls that his
greatest weapon is fear and ignorance. The hope and reason to live our word.

If you're just rebellious, you become the regime's police and legitimate
with your actions. Always part of your system while not believe yours.

Impón collaboration, eliminate competition, we do not need a world where
you have to win, we need a free, united, human, kind and fair. Competition
is the principle of corruption, manipulation and ignominy.

Your system is stronger when you stop and say out on the streets, when you
discard your own and you resign, your fear is their best food. They create
social ills, fear of freedom, individual and collective happiness, that
feeds them, they want to have power over you, do not want your money. The
money they create, they invent their value, is the main weapon of
collective manipulation, we should stop using their money to communicate
with us. Your social ills have been fed by them, when they repress your
needs and your skills atrophying, you generate anxiety about freedom, you
generate fault. The more you progress through the education system more
skills you lose your system and is designed, make your needs in need of
your control, do not eat without thinking, rescues your skills for
children, fortalécelas and use them.

Repress all kinds of needs to dominate you, to make you feel guilty and "to
bad" to be happy, you feel guilt believe in peace. Being happy smile goes
beyond, the manipulators have ridiculed these concepts, be happy is to be
full and free and that's what we want to avoid. The best way to break free
and make a revolution is to exercise your freedom in all your actions and
that these tend to build your own system. Collective guilt and build you
repeat it with phrases like "always do the same" "of what use are the
marches" "what good fight", all our little victories will annihilating guilt

We need to override the system, to creating assemblies streets,
neighborhood, town, a new economy and human collaboration programs. It is
our responsibility to liberating consciences, instructing, creating
alternative modes, strengthening relationships. Everything is to be created.

Do not feed them with your fury, that strengthens, we use their weaknesses
against them, but with joy, we are freed, they are prisoners.

If you fight the tyrant it gets stronger, the legitimate, the value of your
struggle will transfer it to him, we need to go over it. It is necessary to
affect our actions which I write the story, which was sponsored and
directed that it is absurd to fight with the puppet.

Freedom is not a word, there is no plan "B" for freedom. Freedom is
exercised, talk to all the words, rescues your intelligence, the language
contractions only make you ignorant.

Protest, disobeys, they rebel. But propound, construct, build your world.

There will never be another chance, your future is now, we have been led to
believe for decades that the next one will be good, it does not exist,
there is no next time, long-term struggles fatigued, tired, annihilate. The
fight is here and now.

The enemy is entirely predictable because it works within the system, we do
not, if we operate outside it.

We only have this life, and we must live it to the fullest demos the all
out, we can not lose, because all we have and all we want to have the
freedom, integrity, dignity and Lajusticia are our way of life, to have a
dignified death they need to live a decent life.

No time to sit back and receive jobs, scholarships, bribes or threats, is
not resisting, it is building a new system.

Corruption, drug trafficking, political parties, sports teams, religions,
telenovelas and institutions are part of the system, where they have tried
at all costs to impose a moral success, but there is an incompatibility
between honesty and success ontological simply can not coexist
together. Success
is getting what you want at any cost, no matter what you should do, whom
you should violate, deceive, defraud, or assassinating corrupt. No need
women and successful men in our system, we need only dignified human
beings, honest, fair and free. Construyámoslos.

If we destroy the system, our whole life should be a conscious construction.

We should be clear that even having an equal or greater force than the
enemy we must access the government or the power by force, that alone would
make us a different form of the same system.

And that is absolutely necessary to fight every day, take to the streets,
pulling our pots, protest, shout, make the squares, the Internet, shopping,
booths, markets, cinemas, stadiums, public transport , municipalities,
television stations and government. We can not let one iota of city street
or a yard and not a single byte to the enemy. Our silence strengthens it.

"When the dictatorship becomes law, rebellion is a Right"


Apathy is Dead !
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