Referendum about independence but WHY ONLY THAT?

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Referendum about independence but WHY ONLY THAT?

Scotland, we have been told, will in October 2014 hold a ballot to 
decide whether or not to become in independent country. We will, 
probably, be allowed to decide about this important matter in a 
"referendum" because we voted into government a political party which 
had promised to hold a referendum on this issue.

This sounds reasonable. Other nations and regions have held ballots in 
order to become independent. Countries as different as Norway and 
Eritrea gained independence with the aid of a ballot. The Canadian 
province of Quebec voted (so far) against the idea.

To repeat, in Scotland We The People are to be "allowed" to decide a 
most important matter of state constitution by means of direct 
democracy.  BUT ... you may ask, why should our right to decide about 
how our country is run be restricted to only this one issue? A 
referendum of the whole electorate is certainly the most representative 
way to decide on a law or an important reform.

Why do we not, in public matters of state and in affairs of local 
government, begin to decide on a few other big issues using the direct 
democratic method of referendum?

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