[Diggers350] VID: Neighbours of Alex Haigh discuss sentencing

Ram Selva seeds at snail.org.uk
Sat Sep 29 10:03:39 BST 2012

Is it not to be expected that an unnamed MoJ spokesperson would say 
exactly that type of nonsense to deviate from whats really going on?

Beyond the MoJ spokesperson attention should be paid to the ' MoJ 
circular' dated  22nd August 2012 [*].

MoJ Circular No. 2012/04 is where the true nature of the 'ministry' 
lies - to create chaos over a basic need.

Curious wordings in 'LAPSO Section 144: "Offence of squatting in a 
residential building"' such as:
"(2) The offence is not committed by a person holding over after the 
end of a lease or licence (even if the person leaves and re-enters the 

... are given the real intended meaning through this circular.
This circular surreptitiously drags in millions of tenants most 
vulnerable in possessing a legally secure home, in to the carefully 
constructed negative image for 'squatters'.

The police, judiciary and the prosecution service ie the foot soldiers 
of the land-owners were always struggling to cope with the definitions 
of 'trespassers'.
Now the foot soldiers are more lost in definitions and what not while 
the *social and political* pressure to commit more blatant abuse of the 
'law' is well set up.

All squatting related legal protection has been abused as and when 
needed, sometimes by even enacting draconian provisions for national 
security, anyways. But that was over squatting, then.

LAPSO S144  *is not* about squatting as the S144 pretends to spell out.

Its currently about giving more power to the carefully nurtured media 
value of squatters into a weapon to try and get to millions of people 
who the land owners wish totally subjugated.

-- a 'joined-up' effort at shedding crocodile tears for the homeless to 

-- direct link to the MoJ Circular No. 2012/04

-- please don't fall for para 10  ... its para 8 that gives it away 
-the explicit reaffirmation of the already well entrenched court process 
that favours land owners; why drag in those who unfortunately loose 
their homes with tenancies in to this confusion?? - The complete 
overhaul of Legal Aid to be completed in stages by 2014 cunningly only 
offers support for one solitary Housing matter which happens to be the 
process of loosing your home in a court which is a simple financial 
matter: 'is your rent payment up to date?'


On 2012-09-29 00:55, ilyan wrote:
> Who is the Ministry of Justice Spokesperson Moron who is trying to
> incite arson?   Will the Government or the insurance company pay for
> rebuild?
> Ilyan
> On 28/09/12 23:31, Tony Gosling wrote:
>> Neighbours of Alex Haigh discuss his sentencing, 2 of them 
>> ex-squatters http://t.co/IUvGbhi9
>> https://network23.org/squatterslegalnetwork/ 
>> <https://network23.org/squatterslegalnetwork/>
>> *VIDEO: London squatter first to be jailed under new law
>> * http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-london-19753414 
>> <http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-london-19753414>
>> 27 September 2012 Last updated at 21:41
>> A 21-year-old man squatting in a London property has become the 
>> first person to be jailed under a new law.
>> Alex Haigh, who arrived from Plymouth two months ago, was arrested 
>> by police at a flat in Pimlico on 2 September.
>> Haigh pleaded guilty to squatting in a residential property and was 
>> jailed for 12 weeks by Westminster Magistrates' Court.
>> The Ministry of Justice (MoJ) said the new law is enabling "quick 
>> and decisive action to protect homeowners".
>> Squatting was previously treated as a civil matter. The maximum 
>> penalty is now six months in jail, a £5,000 fine, or both.
>> 'Quick action'
>> Haigh and two other people, Anthony Ismond and Michelle Blake had 
>> been squatting at the housing association property in Cumberland 
>> Street.
>> They were charged and later pleaded guilty to squatting.
>> Alex Haigh had come to London two months ago looking for work
>> Ismond was fined £100 for squatting and recalled to prison on breach 
>> of licence while Blake will be sentenced at a later date.
>> But some neighbours where the three were squatting told BBC London 
>> of their surprise at Haigh's sentence.
>> *Neighbour Nadia Lee said: "They were very quiet - I think just 
>> living in a room wanting a roof over their head.
>> "I don't think they were doing any real harm. Obviously they (the 
>> owners) had a right to get them out but not put them in prison."
>> *An MoJ spokesperson said: "For too long squatters have been playing 
>> the justice system and have caused homeowners untold misery in 
>> eviction, repair and clean-up costs.
>> "It is extremely encouraging that the new criminal offence of 
>> squatting in a residential building, which came into effect at the 
>> beginning of this month, is enabling the police and other agencies to 
>> take quick and decisive action to protect homeowners against 
>> squatting."
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