The 'Mole People' That Live Under US Streets

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The mole people: Police find 'homeless city' 
where vagrants - including kids - live in 
labyrinth of tunnels 25ft below Kansas City
By Daily Mail Reporter - PUBLISHED: 03:17, 9 
April 2013 | UPDATED: 14:31, 9 April 2013
Below the streets of Kansas City, there are deep 
underground tunnels where a group of vagrant homeless people lived in camps.
These so-called homeless camps have now been 
uncovered by the Kansas City Police, who then 
evicted the residents because of the unsafe environment.
Authorities said these people were living in 
squalor, with piles of garbage and dirty diapers left around wooded areas.
According to the KMBC, police first noticed there 
were soiled diapers around what looked like 
encampments, meaning that children could be 
exposed to unsafe living conditions.
Kansas City policeman Jason Cooley told the paper 
that officers found a series of winding 
underground tunnels and were directed there because of a recent crime spree.
‘One of the tunnels probably went 20 to 25 feet 
underground towards the back and veered off in 
another direction about six feet or so,’ he told 
the Kansas City Star, adding that they discovered 
candles and bedding as well in some of the 
cavern’s alcoves. It is unclear who exactly the 
homeless people are, or how they dug such deep entrenchments.
Another sort of shanty-town was found nearby. 
Authorities said that the thieves have stolen 
copper from a nearby grain mill, and according to 
KMBC, millions of dollars-worth of the crop are at risk of spoiling.
Residents of both were told they needed to vacate 
the premises, and a ministry organization was 
on-site to assist any homeless people with shelter needs.
The holes were closed up last Friday after a 
police robot searched the caverns.

The Tunnel People That Live Under The Streets Of America
  By Michael, on April 9th, 2013
Did you know that there are thousands upon 
thousands of homeless people that are living 
underground beneath the streets of major U.S. 
cities?  It is happening in Las Vegas, it is 
happening in New York City and it is even 
happening in Kansas City.  As the economy 
crumbles, poverty in the United States is 
absolutely exploding and so is homelessness.  In 
addition to the thousands of "tunnel people" 
living under the streets of America, there are 
also thousands that are living in tent cities, 
there are tens of thousands that are living in 
their vehicles and there are more than a million 
public school children that do not have a home to 
go back to at night.  The federal government 
tells us that the recession "is over" and that 
"things are getting better", and yet poverty and 
homelessness in this country continue to rise 
with no end in sight.  So what in the world are 
things going to look like when the next economic crisis hits?

When I heard that there were homeless people 
living in a network of underground tunnels 
beneath the streets of Kansas City, I was 
absolutely stunned.  I have relatives that live 
in that area.  I never thought of Kansas City as 
one of the more troubled cities in the United States.
But according to the Daily Mail, police recently 
discovered a network of tunnels under the city 
that people had been living in...
Below the streets of Kansas City, there are deep 
underground tunnels where a group of vagrant homeless people lived in camps.
These so-called homeless camps have now been 
uncovered by the Kansas City Police, who then 
evicted the residents because of the unsafe environment.
Authorities said these people were living in 
squalor, with piles of garbage and dirty diapers left around wooded areas.
The saddest part is the fact that authorities 
found dirty diapers in the areas near these 
tunnels.  That must mean that babies were being 
raised in that kind of an environment.
Unfortunately, this kind of thing is happening 
all over the nation.  In recent years, the tunnel 
people of Las Vegas have received quite a bit of 
publicity all over the world.  It has been 
estimated that more than 1,000 people live in the 
massive network of flood tunnels under the city...
Deep beneath Vegas’s glittering lights lies a 
sinister labyrinth inhabited by poisonous spiders 
and a man nicknamed The Troll who wields an iron bar.
But astonishingly, the 200 miles of flood tunnels 
are also home to 1,000 people who eke out a 
living in the strip’s dark underbelly.
Some, like Steven and his girlfriend Kathryn, 
have furnished their home with considerable care 
- their 400sq ft 'bungalow' boasts a double bed, 
a wardrobe and even a bookshelf.
Could you imagine living like that?  Sadly, for 
an increasing number of Americans a "normal 
lifestyle" is no longer an option.  Either they 
have to go to the homeless shelters or they have 
to try to eke out an existence on their own any way that they can.
In New York City, authorities are constantly 
trying to root out the people that live in the 
tunnels under the city and yet they never seem to 
be able to find them all.  The following is from 
a New York Post article about the "Mole People" 
that live underneath New York City...
The homeless people who live down here are called 
Mole People. They do not, as many believe, exist 
in a separate, organized underground society. 
It's more of a solitary existence and loose-knit 
community of secretive, hard-luck individuals.
The New York Post followed one homeless man known 
as "John Travolta" on a tour through the 
underground world.  What they discovered was a 
world that is very much different from what most New Yorkers experience...
In the tunnels, their world is one of malt 
liquor, tight spaces, schizophrenic neighbors, 
hunger and spells of heat and cold. Travolta and 
the others eat fairly well, living on a 
regimented schedule of restaurant leftovers, 
dumped each night at different times around the 
neighborhood above his foreboding home.
Even as the Dow hits record high after record 
high, poverty in New York City continues to rise 
at a very frightening pace.  Incredibly, the 
number of homeless people sleeping in the 
homeless shelters of New York City has increased 
by a whopping 19 percent over the past year.
In many of our major cities, the homeless 
shelters are already at maximum capacity and are 
absolutely packed night after night.  Large 
numbers of homeless people are often left to fend for themselves.
That is one reason why we have seen the rise of so many tent cities.
Yes, the tent cities are still there, they just 
aren't getting as much attention these days 
because they do not fit in with the "economic 
recovery" narrative that the mainstream media is currently pushing.
In fact, many of the tent cities are larger than 
ever.  For example, you can check out a Reuters 
video about a growing tent city in New Jersey 
that was posted on YouTube at the end of March 
right here.  A lot of these tent cities have now 
become permanent fixtures, and unfortunately they 
will probably become much larger when the next major economic crisis strikes.
But perhaps the saddest part of all of this is 
the massive number of children that are suffering night after night.
For the first time ever, more than a million 
public school children in the United States are 
homeless.  That number has risen by 57 percent since the 2006-2007 school year.
So if things are really "getting better", then 
why in the world do we have more than a million 
public school children without homes?
These days a lot of families that have lost their 
homes have ended up living in their 
vehicles.  The following is an excerpt from a 60 
Minutes interview with one family that is living in their truck...
This is the home of the Metzger family. 
Arielle,15. Her brother Austin, 13. Their mother 
died when they were very young. Their dad, Tom, 
is a carpenter. And, he's been looking for work 
ever since Florida's construction industry 
collapsed. When foreclosure took their house, he 
bought the truck on Craigslist with his last 
thousand dollars. Tom's a little camera shy - 
thought we ought to talk to the kids - and it didn't take long to see why.
Pelley: How long have you been living in this truck?
Arielle Metzger: About five months.
Pelley: What's that like?
Arielle Metzger: It's an adventure.
Austin Metzger: That's how we see it.
Pelley: When kids at school ask you where you live, what do you tell 'em?
Austin Metzger: When they see the truck they ask 
me if I live in it, and when I hesitate they 
kinda realize. And they say they won't tell anybody.
Arielle Metzger: Yeah it's not really that much 
an embarrassment. I mean, it's only life. You do what you need to do, right?
But after watching a news report or reading 
something on the Internet about these people we 
rapidly forget about them because they are not a part of "our world".
Another place where a lot of poor people end up 
is in prison.  In a previous article, I detailed 
how the prison population in the United States 
has been booming in recent years.  If you can 
believe it, the United States now has 
approximately 25 percent of the entire global 
prison population even though it only has about 5 
percent of the total global population.
And these days it is not just violent criminals 
that get thrown into prison.  If you lose your 
job and get behind on your bills, you could be 
thrown into prison as well.  The following is from a recent CBS News article...
Roughly a third of U.S. states today jail people 
for not paying off their debts, from 
court-related fines and fees to credit card and 
car loans, according to the American Civil 
Liberties Union. Such practices contravene a 1983 
United States Supreme Court ruling that they 
violate the Constitutions's Equal Protection Clause.
Some states apply "poverty penalties," such as 
late fees, payment plan fees and interest, when 
people are unable to pay all their debts at once. 
Alabama charges a 30 percent collection fee, for 
instance, while Florida allows private debt 
collectors to add a 40 percent surcharge on the 
original debt. Some Florida counties also use 
so-called collection courts, where debtors can be 
jailed but have no right to a public defender. In 
North Carolina, people are charged for using a 
public defender, so poor defendants who can't 
afford such costs may be forced to forgo legal counsel.
The high rates of unemployment and government 
fiscal shortfalls that followed the housing crash 
have increased the use of debtors' prisons, as 
states look for ways to replenish their coffers. 
Said Chettiar, "It's like drawing blood from a 
stone. States are trying to increase their revenue on the backs of the poor."
If you are poor, the United States can be an 
incredibly cold and cruel place.  Mercy and 
compassion are in very short supply.
The middle class continues to shrink and poverty 
continues to grow with each passing 
year.  According to the U.S. Census Bureau, 
approximately one out of every six Americans is 
now living in poverty.  And if you throw in those 
that are considered to be "near poverty", that 
number becomes much larger.  According to the 
U.S. Census Bureau, more than 146 million 
Americans are either "poor" or "low income".
For many more facts about the rapid increase of 
poverty in this country, please see my previous 
article entitled "21 Statistics About The 
Explosive Growth Of Poverty In America That Everyone Should Know".
But even as poverty grows, it seems like the 
hearts of those that still do have money are 
getting colder.  Just check out what happened 
recently at a grocery store that was in the 
process of closing down in Augusta, Georgia...
Residents filled the parking lot with bags and 
baskets hoping to get some of the baby food, 
canned goods, noodles and other non-perishables. 
But a local church never came to pick up the 
food, as the storeowner prior to the eviction 
said they had arranged. By the time the people 
showed up for the food, what was left inside the 
premises—as with any eviction—came into the 
ownership of the property holder, SunTrust Bank.
The bank ordered the food to be loaded into 
dumpsters and hauled to a landfill instead of 
distributed. The people that gathered had to be 
restrained by police as they saw perfectly good 
food destroyed. Local Sheriff Richard Roundtree 
told the news “a potential for a riot was extremely high.”
Can you imagine watching that happen?
But of course handouts and charity are only 
temporary solutions.  What the poor in this 
country really need are jobs, and unfortunately 
there has not been a jobs recovery in the United 
States since the recession ended.
In fact, the employment crisis looks like it is 
starting to take another turn for the worse.  The 
number of layoffs in the month of March was 30 
percent higher than the same time a year ago.
Meanwhile, small businesses are indicating that 
hiring is about to slow down 
significantly.  According to a recent survey by 
the National Federation of Independent 
Businesses, small businesses in the United States 
are extremely pessimistic right now.  The 
following is what Goldman Sachs had to say about this survey...
Components of the survey were consistent with the 
decline in headline optimism, as the net percent 
of respondents planning to hire fell to 0% (from 
+4%), those expecting higher sales fell to -4% 
(from +1%), and those reporting that it is a good 
time to expand ticked down to +4% (from +5%). The 
net percent of respondents expecting the economy 
to improve was unchanged at -28%, a very 
depressed level. However, on the positive side, 
+25% of respondents plan increased capital 
spending [ZH: With Alcoa CapEx spending at a 2 
year low]. Small business owners continue to 
place poor sales, taxes, and red tape at the top 
of their list of business problems, as they have for the past several years.
So why aren't our politicians doing anything to fix this?
For example, why in the world don't they stop 
millions of our jobs from being sent out of the country?
Well, the truth is that they don't think we have 
a problem.  In fact, U.S. Senator Ron Johnson 
recently said that U.S. trade deficits "don't matter".
He apparently does not seem alarmed that more 
than 56,000 manufacturing facilities have been 
shut down in the United States since 2001.
And since the last election, the White House has 
seemed to have gone into permanent party mode.
On Tuesday, another extravagant party will be 
held at the White House.  It is being called "In 
Performance at the White House: Memphis Soul", 
and it is going to include some of the biggest names in the music industry...
As the White House has previously announced, 
Justin Timberlake (who will be making his White 
House debut), Al Green, Ben Harper, Queen 
Latifah, Cyndi Lauper, Joshua Ledet, Sam Moore, 
Charlie Musselwhite, Mavis Staples, and others 
will be performing at the exclusive event.
And so who will be paying for all of this?
You and I will be.  Even as the Obamas cry about 
all of the other "spending cuts" that are 
happening, they continue to blow millions of 
taxpayer dollars on wildly extravagant parties and vacations.
Overall, U.S. taxpayers will spend well over a 
billion dollars on the Obamas this year.
I wonder what the tunnel people that live under 
the streets of America think about that. 
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