Land and Resource Scarcity,Capitalism, Struggle and Well-being in a World without Fossil Fuels

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Tue Apr 23 11:06:04 BST 2013

This book brings together geological, biological, radical economic, 
technological, historical and social perspectives on peak oil and other 
scarce resources. The contributors to this volume argue that these 
scarcities will put an end to the capitalist system as we know it and 
alternatives must be created. The book combines natural science with 
emancipatory thinking, focusing on bottom up alternatives and social 
struggles to change the world by taking action. The volume introduces 
original contributions to the debates on peak oil, land grabbing and 
social alternatives, thus creating a synthesis to gain an overview of 
the multiple crises of our times.

The book sets out to analyse how crises of energy, climate, metals, 
minerals and the soil relate to the global land grab which has 
accelerated greatly since 2008, as well as to examine the crisis of 
profit production and political legitimacy. Based on a theoretical 
understanding of the multiple crises and the effects of peak oil and 
other scarcities on capital accumulation, the contributors explore the 
social innovations that provide an alternative.

Using the most up to date research on resource crises, this integrative 
and critical analysis brings together the issues with a radical 
perspective on possibilites for future change as well as a strong social 
economic and ethical dimesion. The book should be of interest to 
researchers and students of environmental policy, politics, sustainable 
development and natural resource management.

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