ONN: Who is bankrolling Mike Freer MP’s attack on squatting?

Tony Gosling tony at cultureshop.org.uk
Sun Dec 1 23:31:59 GMT 2013

Who is sponsoring Mike Freer’s vendetta on squatting?



Mike Freer is the MP at the centre of 
Squatters invited him to engage in a meeting. 
Afterwards, he unwittingly hit return and sent a 
message about what he thought of the invitation – 
he sent this back to the squatters. It was meant for a Conservative colleague.

starts with with response to the request to 
engage in a democratic discussion. “Err no.” The 
email went on to call the squatters “numb-nuts”, 
and the police’s actions “daft”.
This disrespect for the democratic process 
deepens further, when you consider his campaign 
funding and vendetta against squatting. Along 
with Mike Weatherley, he has pushed for it to be 
a criminal offence to recycle an empty residential property.
<http://searchthemoney.com/profile/218>Search the 
Money – a research tool to see who is funding the 
Conservatives – shows Mike Freer has accepted 
money thousands of pounds from four property 
developers and investors in housing.
Properties donated £25,000 to Mr Freer, they are 
luxury apartment developers based in Finchley 
(North London).  They are owned by 
Neel Harshad Khiroya,
Lakeside Developments Ltd donated £5,000, they 
are an estate agent based in Clerkenwell, 
(Central London) 
They co directors 
David and Barbara Glass.
Properties Limited donated £10,000.00, they are 
estate agents based in the Harrow, West London. 
Their owners are listed as Grosvenor Financial 
Nominees Limited, and 
and Brian Comer. The two brothers were rated 11th 
in their native Ireland’s rich list, for their 
international multi-million dollar property empire worth over €375 million.
<http://www.sunmark.co.uk/>Sun Mark Ltd donated 
£1,962.13. This company based in Greenford, West 
London.Their chairman, Dr. Rami Ranger MBE 
business interests include property development, 
and is ranked 785th on the UK rich list (2012).
In Britain, it is estimated by the 
Homes Agency that there is 1,290,000 empty 
dwelling or unused commercial properties with potential to become a home.
Empty properties serve as assets for the 
financial elites, and benefits landlords and 
property developers. The reduction in supply 
pushes house and rent prices higher – this 
explains why they want to criminalise squatting.
In contrast, keeping properties empty worsens 
Britain’s housing crisis, also the increased cost 
of houses deepens social inequality and worsens poverty.
While the new squatting laws – making it a crime 
to squat in empty residential building is 
expected to kill more people this winter. In 
Gauntlett was the first person known to die directly from Section 144.
This pattern of political donation – some may 
call bribes – is repeated by the other key MP 
attempting to criminalise squatting Mike Weatherley.


Mike Weatherley

Parliamentary records show that Mr Weatherley has 
been supported by political donations from the 
following property tycoons, investor and multi-millionaires: -

Ray Bloom: £1,797.07 and

Stewart Newton: £12,000 and

Sir Tim Sainsbury: £2,500.

Mr Weatherley, was also given money prior to 
winning his election in Hove that is detailed by 
the research resource 
<http://searchthemoney.com/profile/620>search the 
money. This details how he has received over 
£150,000 in political donations including from 
property investors Hambrook Estate Limited, as 
well as the property investors the Lewis Trust 
Group Ltd: £2,000, Elitist United and Cecil Club 
and Winston Churchill Dining Clubs and 
Millionaire property trader Mike Holland and developer John D Regan.

This cash has meant that Mike Weatherley has 
combined with landlord lobbyists to campaign for 
anti-squatting laws. These two people and their 
organisations: show what the cause Weatherley is being paid to stand up for.

(This article (about Weatherley) was originally 
published on Steve Rushton Writing & Research.)
- See more at: http://occupynewsnetwork.co.uk/?p=6406

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