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No details are given here. 

Who is the landowner ? What is the landowner's motive for eviction ? (or...in past times...for keeping /tolerating the chalets ?) What does the Woodland Trust think ? What is the local authority's attitude (and political colour) and does the landscape have any protective designation (like Nat Pk / AONB or lesser designations) ? Are the chalets used for living in...and were they in the past ?

That level of detail - and more - is needed to formulate an attitude. 

When the Seven Sisters Country Park was created on the Beachy Head Heritage Coast in Sussex its main driver, the redoubtable Paul Millmore, pushed for the removal of the caravans on the Cuckmere Haven beach...and a good thing he did, for they spoilt the beauty and integrity of this last intact river mouth in the Sussex Downs as badly as a piece of dried egg on your chin...

The Sussex coastal hutments on Shoreham Beach, Pagham Harbour, The Crumbles, and Pevensey Bay acted as stalking horses for the comprehensive built development of those erstwhile intact, wonderfully wild and wildlife-rich shingle beach features. 

Now, if you want to see the rare-and-lovely Red Hemp Nettle or the rare terrestrial lichens, or the wacky and bizarre Ant Mimic Jumping Spider, Myrmarachne formicaria, you have to pick your way between broken glass, discarded picnic junk, car parts and discarded shopping trolleys and put up with the sight of the Duke of Devonshire's Sovereign Harbour and shopping mall filling your vision...

Dave Bangs

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  It seems the magical cabins in Whittle Dene are under threat, please follow the link below and sign the petition to save them,


  Best wishes,


  Petitioning Local council, land owner relevant authorities 
  Stop Destruction of Valuable Heritage Respect Tenant Rights

  Petition by
  Thomas French
  Newcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom

  The unique Whittle Mill Chalet Site is under threat.

  The Whittle Mill Chalet Site is a well known beauty spot in Northumberland, consisting of numerous timber chalets, originally built 100 years ago, surrounded by an ancient Woodland Trust nature reserve.

  The site is now under threat due to the actions of the landowner, and we stand firm in believing that heritage sites such as this  - which are recognized as architectural, community, cultural and economic assets  -  are too valuable to be destroyed.

  The chalets are privitely owned, but the land they sit on is rented from the landowner.

  One chalet owner, a pensioner and woodland trust warden, who has dedicated the last 10 years to restoring his chalet to its full former glory, and a humble place to spend his retirement, has already been served an eviction notice from the landowner, and given a matter of days to remove his chalet from the land. Firstly, as the chalets are solid structures this is an impossible task. Secondly, and more importantly, this chalet is the mans only valuable asset, as well as a place intended to be passed on to his children.

  If this eviction is allowed to continue he is set to loose nearly everything he owns, and has spend years restoring -  surely this cannot be allowed to happen!

  There are no clear reasons for the actions of the landowner - no planning applications or any alternative uses for the site are proposed.

  Please sign this petition for the council to intervene and help save this 100 year old heritage chalet site. Just one click on your behalf will genuinely make a huge difference.

  Help save 'Stanholme' and the other 10 chalets on the site so that they can be used and appreciated by current and future generations.


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