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Add a bye-way (BOAT) for MOTOR traffic ? 

It is difficult to be sympathetic if the application is motivated by a desire to give motorists a right of access on another green lane. 

The status of public footpath or bridleway is much more attractive.

ALL public roads, historically...from trunk roads to inter-farm tracks...were primarily footways. Now, only those from which the car is excluded are safe for pedestrians...and horse users.

The Open Spaces Society (OSS) have the best experts. When I sought dedication of a downland footpath they provided support beautifully....AFTER I'd paid a membership subscription, of course,

Dave Bangs

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    I recently made an application to Essex County Council to add a bye-way open to all traffic. I collected statements from local people. Essex County Council have rejected my application.Unfortunately when the way was blocked in 2011 a lot of people just stopped using it and I did not make a public campaign to re - open it but just sought support from friends and friends of friends.  Some of the evidence that ECC have made in their rejection of the application actually supports my statement that a lot of people had used the right of way.

    Is there a chance that anyone might advise us how to appeal or point us in the right direction please?

    Yours sincerely

    Robert King. rsgnik at aol.com

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