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> Date: 16 February 2013 10:11:00 GMT
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> Subject: Support Freedom Bookshop
> dear friends
> As you may have heard, London's anarchist Bookshop, Freedom, has  
> suffered
> a firebomb attack. It looks as though lots of books have been damaged.
> We're forwarding this message - support them if you can...
> Their website gives an idea of what's been going on
> <http://www.freedompress.org.uk/news/>:
> Freedom firebombed
> The clean-up continues
> Open as usual
> Bookshop re-opens
>     "Our stock is somewhat reduced, but now features some interesting
>     fire-damaged memorabilia.
>     "As so much of our stock was damaged, we would appreciate any book
>     donations you can make.
>     "Please drop off books at the bookshop during our normal opening
>     hours <http://www.freedompress.org.uk/news/bookshop/>: Monday to
>     Saturday 12 noon to 6pm, Sunday 12 noon to 4pm."
> The Freedom collective have made the following suggestion for how
> comrades who can't get to the actual bookshop can give financial  
> support:
>     "We are setting up a donation page. In the meanwhile, anyone who
>     wants to donate can do so by ordering a book/s through the
>     www.freedompress.org.uk <http://www.freedompress.org.uk/> website,
>     and emailing us at shop at freedompress.org.uk
>     <mailto:shop at freedompress.org.uk> to let us know that your  
> purchase
>     was a donation.
>     "Alternatively, [UK] cheques or postal orders made payable to
>     Freedom Press can be sent to Freedom Press, 84b Whitechapel High
>     Street, London E1 7QX."
> Further info at http://www.freedompress.org.uk/news/
> See also http://libcom.org/news/freedom-bookshop-firebombed-01022013

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