Alert! EU-US Transatlantic Free Trade Agreement (FTA)

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News BITs - UK action needed?

The proposed EU-US Free Trade Agreement will require harmonising European regulations with US fast food practices; forcing on European consumers, cloned meat, industrial livestock bloated with pesticide dependent GM grains, GM seeds and GM livestock producing GM-mush in ready meals. If the FTA is agreed, this food regime could be dumped by a more powerful US-EU trading bloc on African farmers and consumers who have different priorities, as described in their report facilitated through the europAfrica campaign with which UKFG works The impacts of contrasting food regimes were raised in the CONCORD Food, Agriculture, Trade and Environment forum in December 2012, by Prof Philip McMichael from Cornell University - replayed at the Oxford Real Farming Conference at the UK Food Group session on Agricultural Investment  - 


Alert! EU-US Transatlantic FTA - Call for mobilisation in Europe and the United States Presidents Obama, EU Council President Van Rompuy and EU Commission President Barroso committed on 13th Feb to start EU-US trade and investment negotiations, in the interests of transnational corporations and the financial industry.

BITs that bite into budgets: will the EP let private lawyers decide?
Bilateral Investment Treaties (BITs) Public discussion of civil society with MEPs, Council & Commission - Tuesday, 26th February 2013, 10.00 - 12.00  Résidence Palace - International Press Centre, Brussels - The European Union has acquired exclusive competence to negotiate international investment agreements such as Bilateral Investment Treaties (BITs).

IPRs on Seeds, in the EU-Canada Trade Treaty (in French) by Birgit Müller et Terry Boehm (NFU Canada, Via Campesina member) La propriété intellectuelle dans CETA appliquée aux semences 

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