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> Date: 2 January 2013 18:01:46 GMT
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> Subject: Save our allotment
> Dear The Land Is Ours
> We would like to let you know about our campaign to save Farm  
> Terrace Allotment in Watford, see the following link:
> http://38degrees.uservoice.com/forums/78585-campaign-suggestions/ 
> suggestions/2982132-stop-the-proposed-closure-of-farm-terrace-allotmen
> This historic terraced allotment, next to the existing Watford  
> general Hospital is at risk, following a decision by the cabinet of  
> Watford Council to build houses on the allotment, ostensibly to  
> fund the building of a new hospital!. Outline planning permission  
> in 2007 excluded the allotments from the overall plan. This has  
> changed!
> Under an altered plan it is proposed that houses are built on the  
> allotments in order to make the whole health campus plan more  
> financially viable!
> All Allotments will  be at risk if this strategy is adopted, i.e.  
> giving away public land like this to fund convenient council projects.
> It must be remembered that urban allotments like Farm Terrace  
> provide an oasis of green in a heavily built up area. West Watford  
> is overcrowded, congested with traffic, and  will be further  
> stifled by the proposed 600 houses, retail, hotels, etc.
> Can you help us with our campaign, please.
> Gerry Barker - Chairman
> West Watford & Oxhey Gardens & Allotments Society

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