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Tue Jan 8 19:39:14 GMT 2013

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The 2010 Con/Libdem coalition agreement contains the following broken 

"We will give residents the power to instigate local referendums on any 
local issue."

This item was thrown out of the Localism Bill by Liberal Democrat (!) 
peers in cahoots with lobbyists such as local government associations 
and large building companies and with the agreement of Eric Pickles' 
communities ministry.

So, it is amazing to read (Jan. 2013) in the coalition's widely 
publicised mid-term review that this much flaunted "flagship" reform has 
been saved (The Coalition: together in the national interest). To quote,

"We have granted residents the power to instigate local referendums and 
to block excessive council tax increases, ...."

Is this a stupid error or a deliberate lie aimed to bolster their weak 
record of success? At best it is "economical with the truth".

Or, have they sneaked through the introduction of our right to local 
referendum on any issue in another parliamentary bill (... if pigs could 
fly) ?

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