ACTION NOW!The Forest of Dean is being Enclosed and Sold off!

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Wed Jan 30 20:39:28 GMT 2013

Take Notice, Foresters All, that Free Peoples of the Forest, intend to 
Meet at 12o'clock near the Free Miner Monument in Cinderford Triangle 
on Sunday next, the 3rd of February instant for the purpose of Opening 
the Forest, which hath in part of late been enclosed and threatened 
with Privatisation, Sale, "Land Exchanges" and other forms of 
political thievery and corruption.

We Foresters shalth rise, to defend our heritage, defend our Land and 
our Rights as Free Peoples of the Forest. All Persons, regardless of 
position, who are attempting to Sell the Forest whole or in part, are 
Hereby served Notice to Quit and are required hereby to remove all 
Unlawful Enclosures forthwith, otherwise they will have their stock 
impounded without Further Notice.

Dated This 30th day of January 2013

Trust of United Foresters

See model leaflet at url source for this text, at:

Following an emergency public meeting called to discuss the Unlawful 
Enclosure of a Statue erected to Honour Miners that died working to 
feed their families, the latest in a long list on Crimes that have 
fenced off, restricted or forcefully prevented the People of the 
Forest from accessing and enjoying their Forest, Common land and 
"public resources".

The so-called Authorities insult local traditions, Forest heritage and 
the Rights of all peoples of this Forest. All Free People have the 
Right to Roam the land, the Right to access culturally important 
objects and places and the Right to define and determine appropriate 
development of their Land.

A Trust of Unified Foresters is forming to Defend the Forest from All 
those who seek to defile and destroy Life in the area.

Foresters being All those who identify with the name, have a special 
relationship to Forests, Woodlands and other Wild places.

Our enemies Spiel professes "sustainable development", concrete 
"regeneration" and protection of the "vitality" of local businesses, 
as they plan to build two new supermarkets -the final nail in the 
coffin of local shops in Cinderford and Coleford.

In Cinderford they plan to destroy 187 arces of mixed woodland, with 
seven lakes - one of the most important wild-life areas in 
Gloucestershire according to NGO's (otters, rare butterfly, lizards, 
great crested newts and rare bats call the Northern Quarter Home). In 
the same town they plan to bulldoze a large Market Garden Greenhouse, 
and an Orchard of ancient Apple Trees - for another supermarket.

In Coleford Clive Bath, who owns the District Council Buildings!, (and 
the councillors) has pushed through his plans to build a Tescos on 
land that we were told was going to be a Community Garden!

Come and Join us, Fight back for Life and all Beings of this Earth - 
The condition of the land, is all that will matter to the peoples of 
the Future.
The Trust Gives Notice to All involved Parties - Get your Hand off our 
Forest, whole or in part! - For this is OUR LAND!

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