24 hrs to ban bee-killers

mark at tlio.org.uk mark at tlio.org.uk
Wed Jan 30 17:20:52 GMT 2013

"To EU decision-makers: We call on you to immediately ban the use of 
neonicotinoid pesticides. The catastrophic demise of bee colonies 
could put our whole food chain in danger. If you act urgently with 
precaution now, we could save bees from extinction."

Go to the following url to sign the petition:

Quietly, globally, billions of bees are dying, threatening our crops 
and food. But in 24 hours the European Union could move to ban the 
most poisonous pesticides, and pave the way to a global ban that would 
save bees from extinction.

Four EU countries have begun banning these poisons, and some bee 
populations are already recovering. Days ago the official European 
food safety watchdog stated for the first time that certain pesticides 
are fatally harming bees. Now legal experts and European politicians 
are calling for an immediate ban. But, Bayer and other giant pesticide 
producers are lobbying hard to keep them on the market. If we build a 
huge swarm of public outrage now, we can push the European Commission 
to put our health and our environment before the profit of a few.

We know our voices count! Last year, our 1.2 million strong petition 
forced US authorities to open a formal consultation on pesticides -- 
now if we reach 2 million, we can persuade the EU to get rid of these 
crazy poisons and pave the way for a ban worldwide. Sign the urgent 
petition and share this with everyone -- Avaaz and leading MEPs will 
deliver our message ahead of this week's key meeting in Brussels.

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