Participants' jobs the Bilderberg lists leave off

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Participants' jobs the Bilderberg lists leave off


The Business, Banking and High Finance Elite

A useful list of Bilderberg delegates since 1991 was recently released by Anonymous.

Below is a much shorter list, specifically of Bilderberg Group members and recent conference participants with particularly strong business, finance and industry links. The list is noticeable for the high number of CEOs, Chairmen and Directors from some of the biggest corporations in the world.

Corporations and banks that have a particularly strong presence include: Goldman Sachs, Shell, Lazard, HSBC and Dow Chemicals.

The list is drawn from the Bilderberg Steering Committee and the official list of 2012 conference participants. Members of the Bilderberg Group Steering Committee are marked with an asterisk [*].

*Josef Ackermann (GERMANY)
 Royal Dutch Shell – Board of Directors
 Investor AB – Board of Directors (Jacob Wallenberg's investment company)
 National Bank of Kuwait – International Advisory Board
 Akbank – International Advisory Board
 Siemens AG – Supervisory Board

*Roger C. Altman (USA)
 Evercore Partners – Chairman
 (Evercore = investment banking / private equity – managing assets of $12 billion)

Luís Amado (PORTUGAL)
 Banco Internacional do Funchal (BANIF) – Chairman
 (Total assets €15.7 billion, 2010)

Johan H. Andresen (NORWAY)
 FERD – Owner and CEO
 (FERD = Norwegian finance conglomerate; private equity / hedge funds; holdings of around £2billion.)

*Francisco Pinto Balsemão (PORTUGAL – Former Prime Minister)
Santander – International Advisory Board
 Impresa – President and CEO
 Impresa = largest media group in Portugal, turnover 273 million euros (2008)

*Franco Bernabè (ITALY)
Telecom Italia – Chairman and CEO
 (Telecommunications & media: total assets €89.13 billion)
 JP Morgan International Council
 PetroChina – Board of Directors

Peter Brabeck-Letmathe (SWITZERLAND)
Nestlé – Chairman
 Credit Suisse Group – Vice Chairman
 Exxon-Mobil – Board of Directors

Mark J. Carney (CANADA)
Bank of England, incoming Governor
 Bank for International Settlements – Board of Directors
 Group of Thirty (economic / monetary advisory group)

*Henri de Castries (FRANCE)
Bilderberg Group – Chairman of Steering Committee
 AXA Group – Chairman and CEO
 (Global investment and insurance group; assets: €730 billion, 2011)
 Nestlé – Board of Directors

Willibald Cernko (AUSTRIA)
UniCredit Bank Austria AG – CEO
 (market leader in Austria – commercial / investment banking, asset management;
 revenue €199.2 billion, 2011)

Jeppe Christiansen (DENMARK)
Maj Invest – CEO (Danish investment company – assets £58 million, 2012)
 Novo A/S – Director (venture capital group)

*Edmund W. Clark (CANADA)
TD Bank Group – Group President and CEO
 (Canada's 2nd largest bank; assets $801 billion, 2012)

Timothy C. Collins (USA)
Ripplewood Holdings, LLC – CEO and Senior Managing Director
 (private equity / asset management / venture; assets $10 billion)
 RHJ International – Director & Chairman of the Investment and Strategy Committee
 (financial holding company, owner of Kleinwort Benson private bank)

Robert Dudley (USA/UK)
BP plc – Group Chief Executive
 Rosneft – nominated to Board of Directors (Russian oil giant)

John Elkann (ITALY)
Fiat – Chairman
 Economist Group – Board of Directors

*Thomas Enders (GERMANY)
 (Global aerospace/defence corporation; assets: €88.48 billion)
 HSBC Trinkhaus – Governing Board
 Allianz – Joint Advisory Council
 (Allianz = insurance / asset management / banking; assets €624.95 billion, 2010)

J. Michael Evans (USA)
Goldman Sachs & Co. – Vice Chairman, Global Head of Growth Markets, 

Douglas J. Flint (UK)
HSBC Holdings plc – Group Chairman
 (world's largest bank; assets $2.69 trillion, 2012)
 Institute of International Finance – Chairman (powerful bank lobby)

*Prof. Victor Halberstadt (HOLLAND)
Goldman Sachs Group, Inc. – Board of International Advisors
 Chugai Pharma – International Advisory Council
 (Japan's biggest pharmaceutical company)

*Kenneth M. Jacobs (USA)
Lazard – Chairman and CEO
 Global investment bank; revenue $1.905 billion (2012)

Vernon E. Jordan, Jr. (USA)
Senior Managing Director, Lazard
 American Express Company – Advisor to the Board of Directors

*James A. Johnson (USA)
Goldman Sachs Group Inc. – Board of Directors
 Forestar – Board of Directors (real estate / oil & gas company)

*Sir John Kerr (UK)
Rio Tinto – Board of Directors
 World's 4th largest mining company; revenue $51 billion (2012)
 Scottish Power – Vice Chairman
 Scottish American Investment Company PLC – Director
 Business for New Europe – Advisory Council

*Klaus Kleinfeld (GERMANY)
Alcoa Inc. – Chairman and CEO (aluminium/metals; assets $40.1 billion, 2011)
 Morgan Stanley – Board of Directors
 Bayer – Supervisory Board (big pharma / chemicals)

*Mustafa Koç (TURKEY)
Koç Holding A.Ş. – Chairman
 One of Europe's largest companies; revenue £34 billion (2011)
 Includes finance arm, Koçfinans.
 JP Morgan International Council
 Monument Capital Group – Advisory Board (private equity)
 Rolls Royce – International Advisory Board

Henry Kissinger (US)
JP Morgan International Council
 American Express Company – Advisor to the Board of Directors

Henry R. Kravis (USA)
Kohlberg Kravis Roberts & Co. – Co-Chairman and Co-CEO
 Private equity / leveraged buyouts; assets $40.37 billion (2011)

*Marie-Josée Kravis (USA)
Federal Reserve Bank of New York – International Advisory Committee
 Publicis – Supervisory Committee (one of world's 3 biggest advertising companies)
 LVMH – Board of Directors

Pascal Lamy (FRANCE)
Director-General, World Trade Organization
 Transparency International – Advisory Council

John Lipsky (USA)
HSBC, Board of Directors

Peter Löscher (GERMANY)
Siemens AG – President and CEO
 Deutsche Bank – Supervisory Board
 Munich Re – Supervisory Board (reinsurance / insurance; assets: €236.36 billion)

Peter Mandelson (UK)
Lazard International (Chairman)

Frank McKenna (CANADA)
TD Bank Group, Deputy Chair

Kenneth B. Mehlman (USA)
Kohlberg Kravis Roberts & Co. – Partner

John Micklethwait (UK)
The Economist – Editor-in-Chief
 The Economist Group – Board of Directors
 BritishAmerican Business – International Advisory Council

*Craig J. Mundie (USA)
Microsoft Corporation – Senior Advisor to the CEO
 President's Council of Advisors on Science and Technology

Juan María Nin Génova (SPAIN)
La Caixa – President and CEO
 Caixabank – Deputy Chairman and CEO
 (La Caixa = Europe's leading savings bank; Spain's 3rd largest financial institution)
 Repsol – Board of Directors
 Banco BPI – Board of Directors
 Gas Natural Fenosa – Board of Directors
 Erste Group Bank AG – Supervisory Board

Michael Noonan (IRELAND)
Minister for Finance
 European Investment Bank – Board of Governors (non-profit EU institution)

*Jorma Ollila (FINLAND)
Royal Dutch Shell, plc – Chairman
 Outokumpu – Board of Directors (stainless steel; revenue €4.229 billion, 2010)
 Tetra Laval – Board of Directors (privately owned Swiss-based packaging giant)

Peter R. Orszag (USA)
Citigroup – Vice Chairman

Dimitri Papalexopoulos (GREECE)
Titan Cement Co. – Managing Director
 Eurobank Ergasias – Board of Directors (Greece's 3rd largest bank)
 Hellenic Foundation for European & Foreign Policy – Board of Directors

J. Robert S. Prichard (CANADA)
Torys – Chair (Canadian law firm)
 Bank of Montreal – Chairman
 (one of Canada's "big five" banks; assets $535 billion, 2013)
 Onex Corporation – Board of Directors (private equity / investment)

Steven Rattner (USA)
Willett Advisors – Chairman (Michael Bloomberg's $25 billion investment fund)

*Heather M. Reisman (CANADA)
Indigo Books & Music Inc. – CEO
 Onex Corporation – Board of Directors (private equity / investment)

Wolfgang Reitzle (GERMANY)
Deutsche Bank – Chairman, European Advisory Board
 Linde AG – CEO & President (world's largest industrial gas company)
 Holcim Ltd – Board of Directors (cement & aggregates giant)
 Continental AG – Chairman (German auto parts)

*David Rockefeller (USA)
Rockefeller & Co. – Honorary Director (global investment / asset management)
 Bilderberg Group – Member Advisory Group (sole member)
 Trilateral Commission – Founder and Honorary Chairman

Robert E. Rubin (USA) (former Secretary of the Treasury)
Centreview Partners – Counselor (investment banking / private equity)

Eric E. Schmidt (USA)
Google Inc. – Executive Chairman
 President's Council of Advisors on Science and Technology

*Rudolf Scholten (GERMANY)
Oesterreichische Kontrollbank AG – Board of Executive Directors (securities / bonds)

Risto Siilasmaa (FINLAND)
Nokia Corporation – Chairman of the Board of Directors
 Nexit Ventures – Advisory Board (venture capital)

*Peter D. Sutherland (IRELAND)
Goldman Sachs International – Chairman
 Koç Holding A.Ş. – Board of Directors
 Allianz SE – Supervisory Board
 Coca-Cola – International Advisory Council

*Peter A. Thiel (USA)
Clarium Capital / Thiel Capital – President
 Facebook – Board of Directors
 Founders Found – Partner (venture capital)
 Mithril Asset Management – Founder (company based in Mauritius)

*Jean-Claude Trichet (FRANCE)
EADS – Board of Directors
 Group of Thirty – Chairman

*Daniel L. Vasella (SWITZERLAND)
Novartis AG – Chairman
 American Express Company – Board of Directors
 PepsiCo – Board of Directors

Royal Dutch Shell plc – CEO
 Roche – Board of Directors

*Jacob Wallenberg (SWEDEN)
Investor AB – Chairman (financial holding company; assets £45 billion, 2010)
 SEB – Deputy Chairman (retail / merchant bank; assets £460 billion, 2011)
 ABB – Board of Directors (power & automation company; assets $28 billion, 2012)
 Coca-Cola – Board of Directors

James D. Wolfensohn (USA)
Wolfensohn and Company – Chairman and CEO (private equity investments)
 China Investment Corporation – International Advisory Council
 (sovereign wealth fund)
 Transparency International | USA – Advisory Council
 The Bretton Woods Committee – Co-Chair
 Citibank – International Advisory Board, Chairman.

Robert B. Zoellick (USA)
Rolls Royce – International Advisory Board

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