Most local councils failing in traveller site provision

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Tue Jun 18 11:24:14 BST 2013

Report: most councils failing in traveller site provision
by Lee Baker, Planning Resource 
Friday, 14 June 2013 

Most local planning authorities are failing to supply new Gypsy and traveller sites as required under new government planning rules, according to research.

The National Planning Policy Framework and Planning Policy for Traveller Sites, adopted in March 2012, set out the government's approach to planning for the provision of Gypsy and traveller sites that must be met by local authorities in their development plans.

A study published by the Traveller Law Reform Project found that just four out of 115 surveyed authorities have implemented the policies.

These four – Braintree, Crawley, Rochford and Three Rivers – have set pitch targets based on an assessment of travellers' accommodation needs and found a five-year supply of sites to meet them.

The Traveller Law Reform Project said it is developing a programme to help local authorities implement the planning policy.

The research was released as peers are due to debate the government's move to make it easier for planning authorities to prevent unauthorised caravans.

The Traveller Law Reform Project said Liberal Democrat peer Lord Avebury will lead a debate today to "express regret over the revocation of the regulations on Temporary Stop Notices".

The group added that the peer will highlight that the policy to increase authorised sites is not delivering and enforcement against unauthorised caravans used as main homes will have a negative impact on traveller families.

The Department for Communities and Local Government says tougher enforcement against unauthorised traveller development is accompanied by its aim to increase the number of authorised sites.

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