Mon01/Tue02Jul13 - BRISTOL - Funding Access to Land

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Financing Farmland Acquisition: Sharing and Evaluating Financial Tools

01 July 2013 09:30 - 01 July 2013 17:00

Triodos Bank, Deanery Rd  Bristol, Avon. BS1 5AS

The Biodynamic Land Trust and the Soil Association Land Trust are 
working on an EU wide project on access to land for sustainable farming. 
The project is led by French land trust Terre de Liens whose phenomenal 
story saw them raise over EUR22million to fund the purchase over 100 
organic and biodynamic farms.

This event on Financing Farmland Acquisition will allow us to learn from 
our European partners as well as hear about current developments in 
community ownership of land in the UK.  During the day we will present, 
analyse, compare and contrast different ways of financing farmland 

The day will be particularly relevant for non-profit landowners, 
community groups and new farmers seeking to buy land and people and 
organisations interested in funding access to land.

New futures in farmland ownership

02 July 2013 10:00 - 02 July 2013 17:00

Hamilton House, 80 Stokes Croft, Bristol, BS1 3QY

**The Soil Association and Biodynamic Land Trust are working with the 
Community Land Advisory Service to host an event on 'New futures in 
farmland ownership'.
The day will look at farmland ownership, how we can make it stack up 
economically and how communities in France have taken real ownership of 
their land and food supply through the work of Terre de liens.

This event is part of an EU wide project on access to land for 
sustainable farming and will include participants from across Europe 
with stories to share about sustainable management of agricultural land.

The morning will be led by Soil Association Land Trust trustee David 
Riddle who will take us through some of the issues of farmland 
ownership, getting us to think in terms of its assets and liabilities, 
opportunities and constraints. We will use the Land Trust's farms and 
other participants' case studies to think about how to optimise our 
natural resources and economic assets.

In the afternoon we will hear from Terre de liens, the phenomenal story 
of how a civil society organisation set up to address the difficulties 
faced by organic and peasant farmers in securing land, has raised 
EUR22.5million and acquired more than 100 organic and biodynamic farm in 
the past 6 years. Founder Sjoerd Wartena will talk about their 
experiences of setting up a national farmland ownership body in France.

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