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The Prince and His Secret Properties
Monday 01 July  8PM     Channel 4
In 2012 Prince Charles earned more than £18 
million from the Duchy of Cornwall, but how much 
do we know about this secretive estate?
A Channel 4 Dispatches investigation reveals the 
scale of its hugely profitable property empire 
and looks at the amount of tax Prince Charles is paying.
As the heir to the throne, Prince Charles 
inherited the Duchy of Cornwall: a vast array of 
farming, residential and commercial land and 
properties, as well as a multi-million-pound financial investment portfolio.
Each year the duchy helps fund Prince Charles' princely lifestyle.
While the duchy's public image is one of rolling 
countryside estates, organic farms and classical 
architecture and environment, some of its 
investments tell a rather different story.
Reporter Antony Barnett takes a royal tour of 
some surprising properties that the duchy might prefer you not to know about.
With the tax arrangements of wealthy individuals 
and major corporations making headline news, 
these Dispatches findings come as Parliament's 
Public Accounts Committee prepares to launch its 
own inquiry into why, unlike other commercial 
businesses, the duchy does not pay corporation tax or capital gains tax.

No doubt the army of Charles' and royal lawyers 
paid with Duchy rents will be working overtime to 
try and stop various photos being shown
And stop transmission as they did with this

Diana: The Witnesses In The Tunnel - YouTube
Diana Princess of Wales was perhaps the most 
photographed person in he world. Her death in a 
car crash in August 1997 stunned a world that had 
lived her life with her. The blame was put 
squarely on the photographers who surrounded her 
in death as well as in life.For ten years 
conspiracy theories claims and counter-claims 
have obscured what actually happened that night. 
Did the photographers chase Diana to her death in 
the Pont dAlma tunnel? Were they too busy taking 
pictures to call the emergency services and did 
their presence hinder those services? They had 
witnessed and recorded one of the most terrible 
and iconic moments of the 20th century. But for 
ten years that night has plagued their lives.This 
is the story of the photographers arrested that 
night.The film uses some of the photographs that 
were taken by passers-by as well as professionals 
and helps to establish what went on in the tunnel 
that night. Some have not been seen on television 
before. They are the most precise record of what 
happened in the tunnel during the hour after the crash.

Most concise & incisive book on the Diana assassination
Paris-London Connection: The Assassination of Princess Diana [Paperback]
John Morgan

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poison which alienates the possessor from the community" Carl Jung

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hear in the ear, that preach ye upon the housetops. Matthew 10:26-27

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