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*2013 Food Sovereignty Prize Call for Nominations*
 *Deadline May 20th!*

 Since 2009, the Food Sovereignty Prize
<http://foodsovereigntyprize.org/>has been awarded to an organization
rural or urban that advances the cause
of food sovereignty through education and direct, collective action. Prize
winners must also have implemented programs and policies that prioritize
the leadership of women, indigenous peoples, people of color, migrant
workers and other food providers in the
 global food movement.

 Unlike the World Food Prize awarded to individuals for developing
technologies, programs and institutions most beneficial to corporate food
monopolies the Food Sovereignty Prize is a celebration of inspirational
activism for the radical transformation of the food system. The Food
Sovereignty Prize is grounded in the historic and current experience of
diverse political struggles and is awarded in a space that brings together
organizations worldwide around the goals of social justice and food
sovereignty. The Food Sovereignty Prize goes to frontline organizations
whose practice and advocacy are beacons in building a powerful social
movement to transform our food system.

 The 2013 Fifth Annual Food Sovereignty
Prize<http://foodsovereigntyprize.org/>will be awarded by the U.S.
Food Sovereignty Alliance (USFSA), a US based
collaboration of food justice, anti hunger, labor, environmental,
faith-based, and family farming and fishing organizations. The USFSA works
to connect local and national struggles for food justice with the
international movement for food sovereignty to uphold the right to food as
a public good and basic human necessity.

 *Past recipients include:*

 2012 Winner – the Korean Women’s Peasant Movement (KWPA, South Korea)
 Honorable Mentions – Unified Movement of Aguan Region (MUCA, Honduras);
National Fisheries Solidarity Movement (NAFSO, Sri Lanka); and Coalition of
Immokalee Workers (CIW, U.S.)

 2011 Winner – the Landless Workers Movement (MST, Brazil)
 Honorable Mentions – the Grow BioIntensive Agricultural Centre of Kenya
(GBIACK); Movimiento Campesino‐a‐Campesino/Farmer‐to‐Farmer Movement (Latin
America); and South Central Farmers of Los Angeles (U.S.)

 2010 Winner – Family Farm Defenders (U.S.)
 Honorable Mentions – ROPPA (West Africa); Working Group on Indigenous
FoodSovereignty (Canada); and Detroit Black Community Food Security Network

2010 Winner – La Vía Campesina (Worldwide) Honorable Mentions – African
Insect Science for Food and Health (Kenya); Toronto Food Policy Council
(Canada); and Community Alliance for Global Justice (U.S.)

*Criteria for Prize Recipient*:

The recipient must be an organization or movement that...

   - Has performed significant work to promote food sovereignty by
   organizing on the ground action, raising public awareness, or developing
   and implementing programs and policies;
   - Recognizes the importance of collective action in bringing about
   social change
   - Recognizes global linkages in food sovereignty work and;
   - Recognizes and prioritizes the leadership of women, indigenous
   peoples, people of color, migrant workers and other food providers
   marginalized by the global food system.

 While the roots of food sovereignty are largely rural, the Food
Sovereignty Prize recognizes that urban communities fighting for control
over their food are an important part of this global struggle.

Organizations involved in the Food Sovereignty Prize Committee of the US
Food Sovereignty Alliance or previous honorees are not eligible to receive
the Prize.

The USFSA Food Sovereignty Prize Committee is seeking nominations until May
20, 2013.

*To nominate a group, movement or organization, please fill out the online
nomination form<https://docs.google.com/a/foodfirst.org/forms/d/1F-giFV4dpUF088D3N9mm9Zyt0-l3tJfulHZ1vnw2z18/viewform>


To learn more about the Food Sovereignty Prize, visit:

[image: KWPA]

*2012 Winner: Korean Women’s Peasant Movement (KWPA, South Korea)*


Policy <http://www.foodfirst.org/privacy>

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“To sin by silence when we should protest makes cowards out of men.” -Ella
W. Willcox
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