Radical Herbalism Gathering

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The Radical Herbalism Gathering will be held on Saturday 15th & Sunday
16th June 2013 in Compton Dundon, near Glastonbury in Somerset, UK.

You are invited to join us for a weekend of discussions on community 
herbal medicine in a social justice and ecological context. The 
gathering will be an opportunity for informative workshops, rousing 
discussions, herbal skill sharing and to make new connections.

It is being hosted by a diverse collective of medical & lay  herbalists,
plant lovers, medicine growers, community organisers &  other health


We  have been inspired by the collaboration of herbalists, growers, 
wildcrafters & other health workers in North America. These projects 
demonstrate that herbal medicine can play an important part in 
addressing health inequalities. We want the gathering to be a place 
where similar conversations on sustainable and integrated healthcare can

Amongst the range of topics for the weekend we are particularly 
interested in: the connection between herbal medicine, social justice 
and health inequalities, community herbal projects, increasing 
accessibility to herbal medicine, the impact of the current dismantling 
of the NHS, sustainable growing and sourcing of herbs, a radical 
approach to plant communication, different plant medicine traditions and
cultural appropriation, defending plant medicine from ecological 
destruction (e.g. Tar Sands in Canada) and the role of big 
pharmaceuticals in healthcare.

There will also be a herbal first aid workshop,  a range of medicine
making workshops and plant walks in the afternoons.

A full programe for the gathering can be found here:

The gathering is limited in size so please book your place ASAP here:

The gathering is organised by a volunteer collective, all  contributions
will cover site costs and ensure access on a sliding  scale, from £20
- £60.

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