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You may have spotted my email out last week about our newly forming 
workers' co-operative called Hungry Fungi.  We'll be providing gourmet & 
medicinal mushroom spawn for sale and mushroom cultivation workshops and 
follow-up support. *I'm emailing round again, because we're specifically 
looking for expressions of interest from community organisations, 
businesses, groups or co-ops who might be interested in having a go at 
growing their own mushrooms.*

We need to get some idea of interest and support for our project (to 
help us get funding), so *we are offering a 20% discount on first orders 
of any of our products and services if you will take a minute or two to 
complete our short questionnaire* (this is not the same questionnaire as 
before). *Please click the following link (or paste it into your 
browser) and complete the questionnaire before the 10th June to qualify 
for the discount. *  This will really support our project and help us to 
get going.

Many thanks

Joanna Dornan

Hungry Fungi Workers' Co-op member

*Hungry Fungi - So who are we? -* a bit more about us:  a newly 
establishing workers' co-op based in Leeds.  We exist to promote the 
benefits of growing your own mushrooms as a sustainable and nutritional 
food source and also of benefit to ecosystem health.  Our remit is to 
provide all the materials and know how necessary empower ordinary people 
to grow their own mushrooms.  We will be supplying the following 
products and services:

·Workshops on easy ways to grow your own gourmet edible and medicinal 
mushrooms.  For this you need a substrate (or food for the mushrooms) 
this can be logs, woodchip, used coffee grounds, cardboard or straw.   
Includes all materials and equipment provided for the workshop and 
follow up support.

·Mushroom spawn and all equipment you need for growing your own edible 
and medicinal mushrooms:  Mushroom spawn is the raw material you need in 
order to grow mushrooms (a bit like seed for growing mushrooms).  This 
spawn will be produced by ourselves in our own dedicated small-scale 
laboratory located just outside Leeds.

·Easy grow, mushroom growing kits:  an option for indoor growing, our 
grow-bags will come ready to fruit, it just needs watering regularly it 
will start to fruit within a couple of weeks and will carry on fruiting 
for repeated harvests.

*Pricing: *We haven't finalised our price-list yet, but our prices will 
be reasonably and competitively pitched and our workshops will include a 
sliding scale to accommodate people on low incomes.  Our aim is to make 
growing your own mushrooms accessible to all.

*What inspires us?*

Mushrooms or fungi have been shown to be vital to soil and ecosystem 
health.  By cultivating mushrooms in the ways we are demonstrating we 
can support the health of our soil and the ecoystems we live in whilst 
also growing our own high value, highly nutritional (protein rich) and 
delicious food source.  We are inspired by the work of Paul Stamets - 
author of Mycellium Running - how mushrooms can help save the world' and 
'Growing Gourmet and Medicinal Mushrooms'.  We exist to promote Stamets 
idea of permaculture with a 'mycological (fungi related) twist'.

*How you can find out more?:*

*Facebook:* Follow us and 'Like' us on Facebook to keep in touch and 
find out more: 

*Twitter:* Follow us on Twitter to see pictures of the lab currently 
being built, and for all things fungi! 

*Our website:* <> - currently under 
construction, watch this space.....

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