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Please come to the Bring Back Pig Swill demonstration at Trafalgar  
Square Thursday 21 November, organized by Tristram Stuart author of  
"Waste Uncovering the Global Food Scandal".
Of you have pigs bring them along with you.


> Subject: The Pig Idea Feast Comes To London
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> You Are Invited To A Free Lunch At The Pig Idea Feast
> First come first served!
> Over the last 7 months, the Pig Idea team has been rearing eight  
> pigs on London's Stepney City Farm on a healthy diet of spent  
> brewer's grains, whey, unsold fruit and veg and okara (a tofu  
> byproduct) - all food which would otherwise have been wasted. The  
> pork produced from the pigs will be served up by some of the UK's  
> best restaurants and chefs, in a celebratory declaration of the  
> need to put food waste back on the menu for pigs.
> What's more, it's all free! From 12 till 4pm there will be an array  
> of free food and family-friendly activities. So come and join the  
> feast – and let them eat waste.
> Don't eat pork? Don't despair – Wahaca will also be serving up some  
> delicious winter vegetable tacos and their delicious guacamole.
> RSVP to the facebook event here and via twitter by oinking here.  
> #PigIdeaFeast @ThePigIdea. Invite all your friends and family!
> Ham-azing Volunteers Needed!
> We are looking for volunteers to help out at the feast. If you  
> think you might be able to lend a helping trotter, please fill out  
> this quick online form and we'll be in touch with more information.
> If you'd like to help out in some way but can't come on the day,  
> the best thing to do to help is spread your social media wings and  
> promote the event.
> The People's Pig Competition
> For your chance to get your very own porky recipe cooked by  
> Thomasina Miers and Sara Cox live on stage during the feast, click  
> here for more information on how to submit your best Pig Idea.  
> Don't forget to tweet your pig recipe using #peoplespig as a hashtag!
> Feeding the 5000 catalyses the worldwide movement against food waste
> This has been the year in which the movement against food waste has  
> spread like wildfire around the world. Following Feeding the 5000  
> events in Bristol,Manchester, Amsterdam, Sydney and Nantes, we went  
> to New York City where we organised the first ever Disco Soup in  
> the USA, in collaboration with partners including the United  
> Nations Environment Programe and Slow Food NYC. Check out coverage  
> by the NPR and Huffington Post.
> At each event we saved tonnes of food that would otherwise have  
> gone to waste, promoted the innovative solutions that already exist  
> and catalysed action on food waste.
> The growing movement came together in October for the first ever  
> Disco Anti Food Waste Day where 27 events around the world took  
> place, including the launch of the Feeding the 5000 Brussels event  
> and campaign planned for spring 2014.
> Future events
> Grassroots food waste activities are springing up all over the UK-  
> on the 23rd of November a Feeding the 500 will take place in  
> Cloughmills, Northern Ireland. On the same day a Disco Soup will be  
> happening in Bath. Abundance Oxford are also organising a disco and  
> food waste extravaganza next week.
> New Jersey Farmer Greg Donaldson eating a pepper from his own  
> compost heap where produce is discarded largely because retailers  
> cancel forecast orders and won't market cosmetically imperfect  
> produce.
> We gleaned a tonne of produce from nearby farms and donated most to  
> local food banks. Volunteers chopped the remaining food at the  
> first ever US Disco Soup in New York City.
> New Yokers young and old enjoyed delicious soups and salads made  
> from wonky vegetables rejected by retailers, showing that the  
> solutions to food waste are delicious!
> Gleaning Network UK
> We've gleaned a collosal 50 tonnes of produce over the past year,  
> enough for 250,000 meals! Well done to the hundreds of gleaners  
> who've helped out so far. We've also been welcoming our new hub  
> coordinators for Manchester, Sussex, Cambridge, Kent and Bristol to  
> the team, and we've recently launched our Sussex and Cambridge  
> hubs, with regular gleaning days around Manchester and Kent too.  
> Also, we were on Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall's River Cottage which  
> you can watch here, and check out our coverage on Radio 4'sCosting  
> the Earth, and the Guardian.
> Check Facebook for more details and how to get involved!
> The Food Industry Responds to Pressure
> As a direct result of constructive pressure from us, Tesco have  
> released their third party audited food waste data for the first  
> time ever. We hope that this will be the start of more transparency  
> in the industry and is just the first step that retailers need to  
> take in addressing food waste across their supply chains. Have a  
> look at coverage of the story in the Guardian and ITV.
> WRAP's latest figures also show a 21% reduction in household waste  
> in the last 5 years. This shows that reducing our food waste is  
> both an opportunity to save money and reduce our impact on the  
> environment. See more on the BBC and the Guardian.
> We will continue to promote the solutions to food waste far and  
> wide. You can help us by adding your voice and ask your friends to  
> sign the food waste pledge on twitter.
> Fill Bellies Not Bins!
> The Feeding the 5000 team
> PS: We are excited to support the Sustainable Food Trust's upcoming  
> conference on 'True Cost Accounting in Food and Farming' where  
> Tristram Stuart will be speaking. For more information about the  
> event and how to get tickets see here. Tristram will also be  
> speaking at the Slow Food conference on European Food Policy in the  
> EU Parliament.
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> campaign
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