Challenging Sainsbury's & Bristol Rovers' planning scam

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>Subject: Sainsbury's Horfield Judicial Review Fundraising - Please Donate!
>From: Ras Horfield <rashorfield at>
>Dear Supporters
>Many of you will now be aware that Traders and 
>Residents Against Sainsbury's Horfield (TRASH) 
>have taken the serious step of pursuing a 
>Judicial Review of the planning process 
>undertaken by Bristol City Council when it 
>approved the application by Sainsbury's to build 
>the largest supermarket in North Bristol on the 
>Memorial Ground in Horfield, BS7.
>Our local community said NO to this development 
>and yet a determined campaign, 6550 signatures 
>against and 1000 well advised objections did not 
>persuade Bristol City Council to listen.  It 
>wasn't just local residents and traders that 
>were ignored, so too were our ward councillors 
>who repeatedly warned about the impacts of the 
>development, NHS Public Health Bristol who wrote 
>a damning report and furthermore the Council 
>even appeared to discount the advice of their 
>own Economy Enterprise and Inclusion team, their 
>highways officers and their independent retail 
>impact advisors in favour of representations from Sainsbury's consultants.
>The Judicial Review is our only option to 
>challenge this decision. We do not have the 
>benefit of a right of appeal, and the Judicial 
>Review cannot look at the merits of what many 
>believe is a 'poor' or 'rogue' 
>decision.  Instead a Judicial Review seeks to 
>establish whether the Council acted 'unlawfully' in arriving at its decision.
>In February 2013 TRASH instructed expert 
>planning and environmental lawyers to examine 
>this case and we are advised that there are 3 
>good grounds upon which to base our claim 
>(please refer to our website for further 
>explanation of these grounds - 
>Our claim has now been served upon Bristol City 
>Council and submitted to the High Court for 
>consideration and we await the view of a Judge 
>as to whether we can pursue the claim to a full 
>substantive hearing stage.  The immediate group 
>have raised considerable costs so far to pay for 
>initial legal advice and campaign literature, 
>but we must now turn to the wider community for 
>further financial support for both our own 
>continuing costs in pursuing this matter and 
>also in order to satisfy the courts that we have 
>enough security to pursue the claim should we 
>lose and be required to pay Bristol City 
>Council's costs in defending.  Bristol City 
>Council have insisted upon a substantial 
>Protective Costs Order (PCO) of £10,000. In 
>addition we hope to more than double this figure to cover our own costs.
>Some of you may already have received our 
>leaflet detailing ways in which you can donate 
>to the Judicial Review Fund, for those who have 
>not yet received their leaflet you can donate in the following ways:
>    * By Paypal and debit/credit cards at 
> website:  <>
>    * By BACS Transfer: Name: TRASH   Sort 
> Code:   08-92-99   Account No: 65655568
>    * By Cheque (payable to TRASH) deliver/mail 
> to: Pearce's Hardware, 295 Gloucester Road, Bristol, BS7 8PE
>TRASH continues to be supported by the 
>Gloucester Road Traders Association and our 
>local Ward Councillors, Daniella Radice (Green 
>Party) and Dr David Willingham (Liberal Democrat Party)
>Together we hope we can achieve a quashing of 
>the planning approval and realise an acceptable 
>outcome for this site for all.  Support Rovers but don't trash Horfield.
>Kind regards
>Daniella, Diana, Jerry, Steve, Sue and Tom
>TRASH have created TRASHorfield Ltd to pursue 
>the Judicial Review. Company No. 8663806

+44 (0)7786 952037
Fear not therefore: for there is nothing covered 
that shall not be revealed; and nothing hid that 
shall not be made known. What I tell you in 
darkness, that speak ye in the light and what ye 
hear in the ear, that preach ye upon the housetops. Matthew 10:26-27
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