Operation Elven used to target Dale Farm anti-eviction network

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In recent weeks Traveller communities across have faced another 
clampdown by police under the title of ‘Operation Elven’.

*Effects of Operation Elven*

There have been some accusations of robberies from Museums of items 
such as rhino horns. The police believe that their suspects are 
Travellers and have been raiding sites across the UK, taking lots of 
computers, papers, sim cards etc. Officers from 26 forces and the 
Serious Organised Crime Agency (Soca) have been involved in the 
operation. Raids have taken place in London, Sussex, Cambridgeshire, 
the West Midlands, Essex and Northern Ireland.

We believe there have been clear attempts to target those who were 
connected with the organised resistance against the Dale Farm eviction 
two years ago, supported by reports of frankly pointless violations 
against friends. Readhere for a first-person 

Police confiscations of identification and vehicles have left many 
unable to work or receive their vital benefits.

A raid took place on Smithy Fen in Cambridgeshire, where we have 
friends, as well as other sites that we are not so familiar with. As 
part of Operation Elvin there was a raid on a site in Wolverhampton 
involving 70 police and helicopters. Supporters in Cambridgeshire 
continue to work very hard on supporting those who have been effected. 
Grattan Puxon, long-time supporter of Travellers and Roma, was also 
raided and effectively robbed of his possessions.
Report below.

It appears that the police are using the robberies as an excuse to 
intimidate the entire Traveller community and anyone willing to stand 
with them.

*Why email out?*

The reason we’re therefore emailing out is to ask the simple question 
- Is anything happening in your area?  Have sites been raided?  Have 
you been able to help? Getting a clearer picture of a very shady 
police operation is
the first step.

So please do get in touch. Email travellersolidarity at riseup.net

Keep updated by reading our blog at www.travellersolidarity.org
Also for more information, read

Submitted by Roma Network on 10 September 2013

POLICE RAID ON GRATTAN PUXON Early this morning (10 September) 
taser-armed police from the Essex special mobile force stationed at 
Boreham, accompanied by a search team, entered the home of veteran 
Romani movement activist Grattan Puxon. They included officers who 
took part in the mass eviction at Dale Farm in October last year. Both 
Puxon and his wife Eileen were shown a warrant before a seven-hour 
search was made of the small cottage. Three computers, three mobile 
fines and quantities of files, diaries and other papers were removed. 
Puxon was subjected to a body search and his wife was supervised while 
dressing. No explaination was offered by the police beyond saying an 
investigation is ongoing. No charges have been brought. The search 
team arrived in two minibuses and a police car. A hired van was later 
added. At least a dozen officers were involved.Puxon was first told he 
could not leave the house but at about 9am was permitted to attend a 
doctor's appointment. [I need to be advised on legal representation in 
the event that any charges are made, and would appreciate having this 
news further circulated to activists in the Romani movement and 


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