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Most Secret War
Chapter 48, Nuclear Energy; p. 601
British Scientific Intelligence 1939-1945 by R. V. Jones
Hamish Hamilton 1978
Coronet 1979
Made into a BBC Series The Secret War
ISBN 0 340 24169 1
DD 20126

In the third week of November 1944 reconnaissance 
showed that several sites of feverish activity 
had suddenly appeared near Hechingen. We could 
not at first make sense of them, but such 
activity in any event needed to be taken 
seriously, and the proximity to Hechingen made us 
wonder whether we had at last found evidence of a 
frantic effort by the Germans to make a last 
minute attempt at a nuclear bomb. I showed the 
photographs to F.A. Lindemann, Lord Cherwell, on 
23rd November, who immediately warned Winston 
Churchill, and plans were made for further 
reconnaissance, and for bombing. I began to feel 
that nuclear intelligence had really 'taken off'.
Within a few days though, the scare was 
dispelled. Wing Commander Douglas Kendall had 
spotted that all the sites were in the same 
string of valleys, and were on much the same 
level. After a visit to the Geological Museum in 
South Kensington, he found that a German 
geologist had reported low-grade oil shales in 
the area, and it turned out that all the Germans 
were doing now that their oil installations were 
being heavily attacked, was to try to exploit 
this unpromising source of supply.

At 11:13 29/10/2013, you wrote:
>the next page will tell you if fracking could 
>happen in your area or on your land. If its a 
>yes then you have the opportunity to pledge your 
>opposition. You will also see a map showing who 
>else in your area has already pledged that the 
>land around them is Not for Shale
>Simon Fairlie

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