Good Food For Everyone Forever - next Friday!

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Good Food For Everyone Forever: An Evening of Speakers & A Local Food Feast
Friday 13th September 2013, Glastonbury Town Hall, Somerset 6.30 - 9pm

Tickets available from the The Fruit & Vegetable Shop, 16 Benedict St, Glastonbury, BA6. Or online at:
Please get yours soon!

Residents of Somerset & beyond are invited to an evening of inspiring speakers talking about the impacts of the global food system, while eating delicious local food.

We will be talking about what we can do locally to ensure that everyone has access to a nourishing diet, to land and to community to learn how to grow and share produce.

Attendees are encouraged to bring food to share for a Local Food feast. The event is sliding scale donation, with a suggested donation of £2 - £15. Join us for a fun & inspiring evening.

More info about the speakers:

Good Food For Everyone Forever

Colin Tudge is a biologist & writer, who has been writing about food, agriculture, biology and philosophy for three decades. In 2009 he co-founded the Campaign for Real Farming, which aims to ignite nothing  less than a people’s takeover of the world’s
food supply.

Another Agriculture is Possible

Hannah Thorogood is a permaculture designer, teacher & farmer from Lincolnshire who has been developing regenerative agriculture systems as alternatives to industrial models that are eroding soils, ecosystems and communities.

How can we feed Avalon?

Louise Brookes of is co-founder of Feed Avalon, a new local social enterprise designed to establish socially & economically empowering food systems in order to optimise the food resilience of Glastonbury, Street and surrounding areas.

Incredible Edible Somerset: A Call to Action

Members of Incredible Edible Somerset, a network of food growers & community organisers will address food poverty and inequalities in Somerset and what we can to do together to build a socially-just food system.

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