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Governing agrofood (Bureau d’études, 2006)
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Utopian ideas — like "Spaceship Earth" — are 
round, multidimensional, interrelated: their 
archetypal map is the Milky Way, the infinite 
constellations. But rational thinking is 
instrumental, linear, it distorts: that's exactly 
the problem with the Mercator map, the most 
common world projection. Buckminster Fuller, 
inventor of the geodesic dome, created a 
"Dymaxion map" to undo those distortions. First 
the earth becomes a geometric figure, an 
isocahedron: its 20 triangles are disjointed and 
laid flat, so the land masses radiate from a 
nexus in the north, without splitting continents 
or enlarging polar regions. Fuller based his 
politics on this map: at the '67 World Expo in 
Montreal, in the dome of the U.S. pavilion, he 
wanted to lay out a vast Dymaxion projection, and 
animate it with the most up-to-date statistics, 
so visitors could watch the flow of resources 
across the earth — and identify the patterns, the 
inequalities, the most wasteful and efficient 
solutions. Delegations from different regions 
would meet for cooperative sessions, in a 
problem-solving process called the "World Peace 
Game." The basic idea was simple: radical 
democracy. "Make the world work, for 100% of 
humanity, in the shortest possible time, through 
spontaneous cooperation, without ecological 
offense or the disadvantage of anyone."

Journal en français –


4 cartes sur le systeme agro-alimentaire :

Animal and Vegetable Programming

Governing of the Agro-Food Industry

Government of the Agro-Food System

Pictographic Grammar (explaining other PDFs) 
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