(Anti-)Christian land ownership

Ram Selva seeds at snail.org.uk
Tue Apr 22 03:53:35 BST 2014



"Land slip

In 1872 the Church of England was the biggest landowner in Britain, with 
2.2 million acres, most of it rented out to farmers. Now it has slipped 
out of the top ten landlords"

-- does anyone know what happened to all this land now its seems reduced 
to barely over 100,000 acres ?

-- also any clues on colonial land crimes by the Churches of Britain 
including the CoE?

If people hadn't followed it ...David Cameron's PR seems to have kicked 
up some fuss recently about how Christina Britain is and joined in by 
the to be expected nutjobs counterclaiming how tolerant, diverse and 
wonderful the place is for Easter conversations.
The latest comedy is that the apologist for Iraqi civilian mass murder 
Jack Straw taking the side of Cameron holding the cross high.

- Ram

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