Did SDS infiltration of environmental groups include TLIO?

Tony Gosling tony at cultureshop.org.uk
Fri Aug 15 13:30:40 BST 2014


Hi all,

New revelations today thanks, in part, to a high court judge, about 
Met polce SDS infiltration of Environmental and Animal Rights activists.

By the Met's behaviour it's quite clear these two names Jim Boyling 
and Bob Lambert are the tip of the iceberg and they are doing 
everything they can in their crooked anal way, as with phone hacking, 
Whitehall paedophilia etc to cover their tracks and protect the 
criminal officers that signed off the illegal surveillance of, and 
relationships with law abiding activists.

We know police have been sending 'fake activists' in to spy on and 
disrupt groups like TLIO but we also know they sometimes arrest 
people, usually for minor offences and use the threat of prosecution 
to 'turn' them over to handing information to the police which helps 
them counter actions or otherwise disrupt the campaign. MI5 
whistleblower Annie Machon revealed they had a handy neumonic to 
describe techniques for 'turning' targets over to work for them: 
MICE: Money, Ideology (we can help your great cause), Coercion 
(threats) and Ego (only you can save the world...)

It's simply not the case as the police once hoped that 'no-one will 
ever know' the extent of these crimes. Class actions are now 
proceeding and our evidence, experience, may help get compensation 
for the victims already identified as well as even perhaps put the 
perpetrators behind bars. Over coming years infiltration of more 
groups is becoming known and also more of those doing the 
infiltrating and disruption are 'fessing up' to activists and seeing 
the error of their betrayals too.

If anyone has either evidence or suspicions about TLIO being the 
victim of these SDS or private security firm infiltration, or wants 
to confess anything confidentially do please talk in confidence to 
George or Tony initially by phone or email or face to face.

"Dice George" <dicegeorge at hotmail.com>
"Tony Gosling" <tony at cultureshop.org.uk>


07786 952037

Police forced to reveal names of undercover officers who faked 
relationships with women

Ruling: the identities of the officers have been disclosed in court papers
PRESS ASSOCIATION Published: 15 August 2014 Updated: 09:07, 15 August 2014
Undercover police officers accused of having relationships with women 
in activist groups they infiltrated have been named.
High Court judge Mr Justice Bean ruled last month the Metropolitan 
Police was banned from using its policy of "neither confirm nor deny" 
(NCND) in response to damages claims brought by the women.
The NCND policy was created to protect the identities of officers who 
go undercover.
But after the judge issued the force an ultimatum, the identities of 
the officers have been disclosed in court papers filed as part of the 
force's defence to the civil claims, the Met confirmed today.
A spokesman for the Met said: "In compliance with the order of Mr 
Justice Bean the MPS has confirmed in its defence that Jim Boyling 
and Bob Lambert were undercover police officers."
Former undercover officer in Stephen Lawrence 'smear' controversy 
calls for public inquiry into secret Metropolitan police unit
Scotland Yard officers breached laws by seeking evidence of justice 
campaigners including Stephen Lawrence's family
The women are among a number of people who want compensation for 
emotional trauma allegedly caused by officers infiltrating 
environmental activist groups.
Their claims for deceit, assault, negligence and misfeasance in 
public office arise out of long-term and intimate sexual 
relationships they had with four men who - unknown to them - were 
members of the Special Demonstration Squad (SDS), between 1987 and 2007.
Mr Justice Bean issued an ultimatum which forced the Met to disclose 
the names in its defence in order to be able to answer to the claims 
and had the force not done so within 28 days it would have been taken 
to admit them.
At the time, lawyers for the women described the ruling as a 
"devastating blow" for the Met.
Solicitor Harriet Wistrich of Birnberg Peirce and Partners said: "The 
police have been on notice of this case for three and a half years 
and until this judgment, they have wilfully refused to engage in any 
meaningful way with the most serious allegations put to them.
"Their ongoing refusal in the face of an overwhelming body of 
evidence in the public domain has greatly aggravated the distress 
caused to my clients, who want answers from the police as well as 
justice and accountability."
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