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Campaign for direct democracy in Britain
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For about fifteen years we have steadfastly campaigned for real 
democracy in Britain, the sort which can be used by every citizen.

The civic Parish is the smallest political unit in England and (called 
community) in Wales. A vestige of direct, citizen-led democracy has 
existed since the 1970s BUT the rules are very poor and the people's 
decision is not legally binding -- only advisory!

So, we campaigned for improvements : here is a summary and documentation 
of what we did <http://www.iniref.org/local+parish%20democracy.html>

Now her Majesty's government has responded to our requests and ordered 
an inquiry, the details are pasted in below.

PLEASE TAKE PART. TELL our government what sort of democracy we want to 
have and use in the 21st century!_

*HM government consultation*
Modernise Parish Polls_
The Department for Communities and Local Government are seeking views on 
proposals to modernise parish polls.
Please see the below link to the consultation
The consultation closes on the  30th January 11:45

Consultation description
A parish poll allows for a ballot of local government electors in the 
parish to be called on any question arising at a parish meeting.

The consultation seeks the views of the public, local authorities and 
the parish sector on:

     * the trigger (the number or proportion of electors required to 
demand a poll)
     * the voting arrangements for parish polls
     * the questions on which a poll can be held
     * consequential related matters

Ways to respond
Email to :parishgovernance at communities.gsi.gov.uk
Write to:

Hannah Brook
Department for Communities and Local Government
2nd Floor NE, Fry Building
2 Marsham Street

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