Luddites Breaking the Frame gathering, May 2nd - 5th

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Thu Feb 13 01:59:47 GMT 2014

1. Book now for Breaking the Frame gathering, May 2nd – 5th.
2. Feedback event for BTF gathering, Saturday February 15th.

1. Book now for Breaking the Frame gathering, May 2nd – 5th.
The Breaking the Frame gathering is just less 
than three months away and it's time to book your 
place at one of the most exciting events of this 
year.  We need your participation and input to 
help us take a leap forward in radical politics.
Whether you’re interested in the politics of 
food, energy, work, environment, gender, peace, 
economics, health, etc., all these issues are 
shaped by choices about technology made by 
military, corporate and technocratic 
elites.   The aim of the gathering is to change 
the debate about technology, environment and 
society, and to put the politics of technology 
where it belongs, at the heart of radical 
politics.  It's about a broad social and 
political vision, not just a long list of issues 
raised by technology.  And we will to do more 
than just talk about the issues: we aim to create 
a new network on the politics of technology, 
which will strengthen existing campaigns and act as a platform for new ones.
Although the main focus will be on learning from 
each other, we have some great speakers lined up 
including Jerry Mander (International Forum on 
Globalisation), Simon Fairlie (editor, The Land 
Magazine), Hilary Wainwright (editor, Red 
Pepper), Theo Simon (Stop Hinkley C), Danny 
Chivers (No Dash for Gas). And it won't just be 
talking and thinking - there will be hands on 
workshops, music, poetry and time to explore the 
beautiful grounds of Unstone Grange and the 
surrounding Derbyshire countryside.  There will 
be childcare available during the daytime so 
parents can fully participate in the gathering.
So whether you are a technology politics 
campaigner, trade unionist, radical 
scientist/engineer, environmentalist, developer 
of alternative technologies, artist, or plain 
concerned citizen, Breaking the Frame is not to be missed.
For more on the ideas behind the gathering and to 
check out the growing list of organisations 
supporting it and taking part, visit  You can book 
online, or print and post the attached 
registration form.  We are committed to making 
sure that no-one is excluded for financial 
reasons, so we are subsiding places to make sure 
the gathering is as cheap as possible.

2. London feedback meeting on February 15th
If you're in reach of London, we are holding an 
event this Saturday afternoon to gather ideas and 
input for the gathering.  We'd love to know what 
you think about which organisations and people to 
invite and the structure of the programme, as 
well as what will make the gathering work for 
you.  There will be time for discussion of the 
ideas behind the gathering, including playing the 
Luddites200 technology politics game.
The event will be at the Common House 
(, Unit 5E (press 
the buzzer), 5 Pundersons Gardens, Bethnal Green, 
London E2 9QG, from 1pm-5pm (bring lunch to share 
from 12.15). If you're coming, it’s important to 
let us know, by replying to this message or by texting 07854 256040.

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