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Chris campaign at chg.me.uk
Fri Feb 28 18:21:45 GMT 2014

On 27/02/2014 22:47, david bangs wrote:
> The Coop's train crash continues with the proposed sale of the Coop farms.
> These total over 50,000 acres. They focus on supply to their own retail,
> of course, with big fruit and vegetable enterprises.
> They are on the most high productivity land, such as the Humberhead
> Levels (Goole), The Fens (Wisbech), Kent (fruit)...
> They have a bunch of farms in Scotland.
> The only one I know is the big farm at Down Ampney outside Cricklade,
> near Cirencester (Vaughan Williams' home village).
> I'm not impressed with wot I read on their website. They don't even have
> a 'no peat' policy, just adhering to the gov't's timescale for run-down
> of usage. They are clearly backing away from their 'no GM' policy. I'm
> not reassured by wot they say about palm oil, pesticides,
> biodiversity...and I don't like their enthusiasm for on-shore wind farms
> (They'll have four, soon).
> They clearly mimic (badly) the model of the big five retailers (or
> wotever it is now). However, they are constrained by their membership to
> ameliorate the worst practices.
> I have no doubt that the farms and their staff will suffer badly on
> sale...and so will the countryside.
> They won't even get full value on at least some of the farms because of
> their extant tenants and lessees...
> Can anyone shed any light on all this ??
> Dave Bangs

COOP should ditch the COOP  Bank to the private sector and remove the 
COOP name, we should keep the COOP Farms and their land for that truly 
is an investment and always has a good value. We should be consulted 
what we the members want not what so call smart suits think would 
support their financial friends. We would all support a new mutual bank 
instead of this bank which os selling us short over speculative 
investors and those who think we should stay with the bank for their 
friends sake
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