Luddites BTF7: Mon13Jan LONDON - The Politics of Alternative Technology

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Thu Jan 2 17:30:02 GMT 2014

Breaking the Frame 7: The politics of alternative technology and workers' plans

Radical movements, appreciating the importance of technology, have 
often tried to appropriate or modify it, or even to create their own 
technologies. 'Alternative' or 'sustainable' technology has now 
become part of the mainstream, but has it lost sight of the 
principles of its founders, such as E F Schumacher?  Trade unionists 
have also put forward alternative plans for how to use technology in 
the common interest, rather than those of corporations and the 
military. But can industrial megatechnologies ever really solve the 
problems that industrial capitalism has created? Can the Green and 
Left critiques of technology be combined?

When: 7pm January 13th 2014

Where: Fairly Square Bar & Cafe, 51 Red Lion St London WC1R 4PF

Speakers :
    * Patrick Mulvaney  (adviser to Practical Action)
    * Suzanne Jeffery  (Million Climate Jobs Campaign)

The second half of the meeting will be an opportunity for people to 
give input on the Breaking the Frame gathering.

For more info contact luddites200 at, or visit 

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