200 strangers join forces to stop cancer patient's eviction

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Heartwarming moment 200 strangers joined forces to stop cancer sufferer, 63, being evicted by bank after he lost battle over mortgage payments By Harriet Arkell 14:48 24 Jul 2014, updated 19:34 24 Jul 2014 http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2704178/Moment-200-strangers-joined-forces-stop-cancer-sufferer-63-evicted-bank-lost-battle-mortgage-payments.html Tom Crawford, 63, and wife Susan, 54, bought bungalow in 1988 for £41,800 Took out an endowment mortgage for the house in Carlton, Nottinghamshire After years of monthly repayments, they were told they would never own it They discovered their endowment mortgage had changed to interest-only Crawfords told there was no record of endowment mortgage they took out They were told they now owed £43,000, and eviction was set for yesterday The father of three and grandfather of two said: 'I don't owe anything' He posted an impassioned plea for help on YouTube - and 200 people came When a grandfather fighting cancer was told he would be evicted from the home he had been paying mortgage payments for for more than 20 years, he made a short, desperate video appealing for help and put it on the internet. Within hours, Tom Crawford's eloquent plea detailing his fight with official 'thugs and bullies' had been seen by thousands on YouTube, many of whom were moved to help him keep the home where he and his wife had raised their three children. As a result, when the bailiffs turned up to repossess the 63-year-old's modest bungalow in Carlton, Nottinghamshire, yesterday, they were met with hundreds of strangers protesting about Mr and Mrs Crawford's treatment.
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