Ex UK Shadow Foreign Secretary Gerald Kaufman on Israel's Gaza 'blackmail'

Tony Gosling tony at cultureshop.org.uk
Tue Jul 29 23:55:48 BST 2014

Ex UK Shadow Foreign Secretary Gerald Kaufman on Gaza
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Subtitle: Gerald's family were killed by the Nazis in World War two
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Jason Yannacopoulos reviews this week's Private Eye magazine as well 
as looking a the latest Conservative government cruelty towards disabled people
Mehrnaz Shahabi and Tony Gosling interview former shadow Foreign 
Secretary, now a backbench Labour MP Gerald Kaufman about the 
massacre and genocide in Gaza. Gerald's family were killed by the 
Nazis in World War two but he believes the Israelis are using the 
Holocaust to 'blackmail' politicians into supporting current Israeli 
war crimes.
As part of our series on the political 'art' of warmongering US 
historian Webster Tarpley discusses Shakespeare and his portrayal of 
Machiavellian Elizabethan power-freaks through his Italian and 
Venetian characters. The way the crooked Venetian faction managed to 
write themselves out of history over the centuries and the Protestant 
attack on Catholicism at the time.

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