Joseph Miranda: table-top gaming the Ukraine war

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Joseph Miranda: gaming the Ukraine war
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Subtitle: Elia explains why Catalonia wants to secede from Madrid
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Credits: This week we hear from a Bristolian from 
Barcelona Elia Pablo and hear why she chose 
Bristol as her UK home. Like the Basque country 
and more recently Crimea, Catalonia wants to 
secede from Madrid as the politicians there are 
not doing a good job. The king Juan-Carlos has 
immunity from prosecution so he's above the law.

Joseph Miranda is a long-time US wargame designer 
who, 10-15 years ago, designed a game called 
'Ukraine' which reflects in some ways what we are 
seeing in the news at the moment.
The game features Information Operations 
targeting TV channels and Joseph explains that he 
does not have a TV in is own home, preferring to 
get his news from technical and military 
specialist websites. He is currently working on 
'Kiev' and other 'New World Order' games 
including China versus Russia scenario.

Mike Hall has just published 'The Severn Tsunami 
of 1607' which looks at the extraordinary event 
that year when a giant wave came out of 'a clear 
blue sky' covering the lowlands right along the 
Welsh and Somerset coastlines of the Bristol 
Channel. Mike explains the various theories and 
looks at the possible dangers of something similar happening again.
Cyber-security correspondent Ed Lander looks at 
the latest revelations from Edward Snowden which 
show the NSA is able to pump millions of malware 
programmes into computers across the world at the 
touch of a button. Are we 'giving our lives' to 
Facebook and if so what are they doing with it?


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